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Hahahel Guardian Angel Born October 14 to 18

Hahahel Guardian Angel offers the joy of spirituality that is obtained by living life as a celebration of beauty, of goodness, of all that is beautiful in creation and in what surrounds us, of all that exists, that has been given to us and that we ourselves we are. It is said that its essence is the authentic priesthood, that is, the understanding that everyone is a priest in the context of his own life.

Hahahel Guardian Angel, God’s love

As it binds to love, favors its discovery and helps focus on a goal. It fights forces hostile to faith and spirituality. Makes intuitive and compassionate and dominates the universal religion. In fact, it protects all those who, through any idea, creed or religion, love, preach and work for unity by revealing the truth of love and the universal God, rejecting any violent use of religion.

The consciousness of the person protected by Hahahel guardian angel (his solar-type energy) captures the wisdom-love inculcated by Uranus; therefore he will not love purely material things (wealth, professional or social affirmation), because he will have intuition or awareness that his kingdom is not of this world.

For these reasons the Hahahel guardian angel personality is not made for worldly roles, it will feel uncomfortable in earthly society until its conscience leads it to the realization of disinterested works: and it is here that it will achieve success; his words will be bearers of Peace, his hands can heal.

What we seek in others is the joy of sharing and our psychic unity. The subjects who, coming close to us because illuminated by Hahahel, find their way will become our friends; and they arrive motivated by the intellect, which is at a more advanced level than the emotions; in fact friendship, according to this scheme, is superior to that which is sentimental love, and which is still a reflection of Love, but subject to the storms of passion.

Once the inner peace has been achieved, the gaze is directed towards the internal mechanics of the Universe and, to those interested in this type of research, everything else seems to be of secondary importance, so that it does not hesitate to drop social life with its rituals. The absolute priority goes to the psychic, mental, animistic life; external needs are of secondary importance, except the work necessary for survival. Within this thirst for love and knowledge, if invoked, Hehahel grants practically everything…

Hahahel Prayer Psalm 119:2

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