Hahaiah Guardian Angel Born May 16 to 20

Hahaiah is called an angel-shelter, because thanks to the that emanates (by virtue of the energy of Uranus), it provides an effective armor against any adversity and the ability to dissipate them. It can give peace and to all those who feel persecuted. His help appears in the life of the person, to resolve difficult situations instantaneously, forcing her to see her providential presence. will manifest itself through favorable events or powerful support from friendly . In dramatic moments it will come from the sky like a dream, like an unreal fact. Hahaiah means that very high existential principles are released from the individual. In its human environment, have the task of spreading the seed of and wisdom, of being sources of light and of knowing, of inspiring noble practices by eliminating possible perversity.

Hahaiah Guardian Angel is invoked in adversity and when you want to get inspiration for solving a difficult situation. The answer is usually given by the Angel in a dream, or by nightly inspiration. This angel gives discretion, great courtesy, remarkable power of seduction to be carried out for positive reasons. It gives clear, fruitful, predictive dreams and the ability to interpret them, from spells and other ’s rancor, missionary spirit, analytical skills and understanding towards . Thanks to him the person will be inspired and always oriented towards luminous situations.

Anyone born under this influence has a strong, sagacious, spiritual and discreet . His physiognomy is pleasant and his manner amiable. He is serene, cordial and acts with moderation and balance. He has great inner happiness and understands the world and the with ease. You will want to faithfully follow the teachings of your angel, studying every information that is passed to you in stages, in a didactic and meticulous way. Your mission will be to get to study and achieve knowledge through books. You will have strong brotherly feeling and a special gift for caring for abandoned in nursing homes and nursing homes.

Always with good advice, you will be expert at calming when they are nervous. He will always act according to the law and will be a living example of his acts that always work. Your inner voice is synchronized with the laws of the Universe. You will succeed in the esoteric world, for magic will be a natural thing in your life. He will have appreciation for the esoteric sciences, especially the Eastern ones. You will be able to see the aura of naturally, not knowing how it works, because it acts spontaneously and full of peace. Your relationship with the opposite sex will be easy, due to its enormous charisma and exuberant beauty.

Hahaiah Prayer – Psalm 10:1 Ut quid, Domine, stas a longe, abscondis te in oportunitatibus, in tribulatione?

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