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Hahasiah 51st Kabbalah Angel Meditation

Hahasiah Angel urges to find in themselves the goodness and trust to put it into practice, without ever giving in to discouragement and recrimination. He invites us to always seek connection with his energy to draw on the very great resources that always exist in us, even when they appear exhausted. Hahasiah Angel Qualities are wisdom and love for others. It grants understanding of the principle of cause and effect that allows one to heal, radiant love, tolerance and trust. He dispenses a noble and elevated spirit towards the things of the Spirit; vocation for medicine and scientific research. Give protection from liars.

Gilarion angel of the abyss represents excessive materialism. It causes confusion, lack of discernment, presumption, excessive certainties or doubt, disillusionment, lack of trust, jealousy, resentment. Inspire the charlatans and all those who deceive others by promising absurd and incredible things.

Hahasiah Meditation – No Guilt –

According to the Kabbalah there are no facts without meaning, therefore neither winners or victims because of the whims of a senseless fate. The existence of evil is incomprehensible to us, but according to the vision of the whole we cannot even have every evil that occurs is a necessary act, in an infinite network of correlations of which we see only an infinitesimal part, and represents an experience aimed at leading out of a maze. Even our every action against others, beyond our intentions, must take place and has a purpose.

However it must be our understanding and ability never to cause pain to anyone. If it has happened to us, and we are sorry, the suffering we feel for having done it must free us and not imprison us, we must become aware that our repentance gives us back the spiritual condition preceding any transgression.
Now, concentrating your vision on the Name, without thinking of anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention: for the energy of this Name I ask the Light to unload all my faults. The force called repentance amends my spiritual burdens and weakens every dark side in my nature.

Hahasiah 51st Kabbalah Angel Horoscope

Love – You are in a position of conquest or reconquest. In any case, you will have to fight to make or keep your love. Your strengths, your inclinations must be disciplined. The final victory is assured, after a hard struggle, in your heart, against fierce instincts, which bring disturbance to your heart.

Money – In the medium term, change in sources of income. The new sources will be closer to your reality. That is to say, your activities will be the expression of your abilities. For this economic improvement, you will be obliged to separate yourself from certain friends who do not understand your projects and your ideals well.

Health – Protects against all diseases, but in particular against liver diseases. Recovery of soul form: an unhealthy physical state can slow down social and economic progress. To re-establish harmony one must suppress any excess of susceptibility and free oneself from every perversion.

Career – Unstoppable rise, especially thanks to important and influential friends. Thanks to these strong stimuli, you will have great power and also common sense, the inner clarity necessary to not abuse it. It’s just the beginning of the climb. Whoever is around will encourage you with frank approval.

Esoteric Initiation – This angel leaves the door to heaven always ajar. He says that all men are made of light, that we must not judge according to the evil they have done, but according to the good they are capable of doing. Because the evil is destroyed by itself, with the force of repulsion, while the good grows from itself, thanks to the force of attraction. Every man therefore, if he truly desires it, at any moment can become a being of light and penetrate the invisible worlds.

Hahasiah Angel 51 , Guardian Angel of people born between 3 and 7 December. Other days of his presence:
May 11
July 25
October 7
December 18
February 27
During the day from 4.40pm to 5.00pm
Fire Element
Zodiac position from 11th to 15th of Sagittarius


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