Hahasiah Angel symbol of wisdom

Hahasiah Angel symbol of wisdom and knowledge protects people born between December 3 and 7 under the sign of Sagittarius. Hahasiah means hidden God. She is a guardian angel of female polarity, linked to medical knowledge. People born under his protection are perceptive, intelligent, and very open-minded. Emotions, feelings, friendship, and love occupy a big place in their lives.

Hahasiah Virtues and Powers

Knowledge, Premonitions, Life Mission, Health and Healing
Element – Fire
Polarity – Feminine
Sephirah – Netzach
Archangel – Haniel
Stones – Sapphire – Emerald – Blue and green fluorite – Lapis-l azuli – Peridot – Opal.
Planets – Venus, Jupiter

Hahasiah Angel symbol of Sagittarius from December 3 to 7

The vocation and the medicine knowledge symbolize this angel who is under the protection of the archangel Haniel. Thanks to Hahasiah, you have a great capacity for understanding. This angel brings the gift of healing and offers great resistance to pain. Your angel warns you against manipulators or hypocrites, you often have a sixth sense.


Why invoke Hahasiah?

You can invoke your guardian angel Hahasiah to gain more confidence in yourself and others. This angel offers you an impressive knowledge and develops a great interest in the sciences. He also brings intuition and indulgence. If he has high healing power, he also has a great capacity for understanding and is selfless.

Angel Invocation – the regency days and times are February 27, May 11, July 25, October 7, and December 18 between 4:40 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Prayer to Hahasiah

O Hahasiah, take care of my soul and my body. Brighten my mind so that I can know the Lord better and be able to love Him with all my heart. Help me in my prayer, help me with your inspirations, defend me from all temptations, and all dangers. Replace my coldness with the worship of the Lord: do not stop protecting me until he leads me to paradise, where we will praise the Good Lord together for eternity.

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