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Hahasiah Guardian Angel Born December 3 to 7

Hahasiah Guardian Angel incites the person to exteriorize himself by expressing the values ​​he instills: peace, harmony, convivial spirit, benevolent union among all, grace and brotherhood on a universal level. And so here is the desire to perform edifying and noble gestures, the aspiration to behave in a sublime way, susceptible to procure admiration. Who is protected by Hahasiah Guardian Angel, is a difficult person to overcome, especially in the principles. Love will be placed at the service of the Divine Design in its externalization phase, the person will feel totally identified with his own mission. The serious difficulties that can be encountered in life or the aspirations of the superficial personality towards material values ​​can cause internal conflicts, thus causing the entrance of the Fallen Angel (Gilarion), who encourages resentment.

However, the rancorous rebellion that in turn imprisons, may not have followed thanks to the intervention of Hahasiah, who makes a gift of submission to his own higher self, and therefore of the strength necessary to face life, without losing himself, with all his deceptions and his difficulties. Hahasiah imposes respect for true authority, so that the biblical expression of Prayer to the Father … Your Will be made will fully acquire its meaning. The person will be engaged in missions centered on love, by virtue of which love will be internalized, making it flow from the energies dispensed by this angel, and then poured out onto the world. It is therefore said that this angel is mainly the bearer of infinite goodness.

According to the traditional text, it reveals the mysteries of Good and Nature by guiding towards the Philosopher’s Stone, which is the inestimable value that springs from profound wisdom. On a scientific level, Hahasiah exerts its influence on activities such as chemistry, physics and medicine, promoting discoveries that can alleviate the suffering of human beings. Many of his protégés, by virtue of merits acquired in their previous lives, may come to possess enormous, impressive knowledge, not the fruit of experience or study alone, but infused directly by the Angel. Such a person will be able to ask and also obtain powers to heal himself and others, he will be able to restore physical and spiritual health by making his work providential.

Hahasiah Prayer Psalm 103:31 Sit gloria Domini in saeculum; laetetur Dominus in operibus suis


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