Haheuiah 24th Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Haheuiah Angel gives love for the truth and for the exact sciences. It instills sincerity, loyalty, a sense of honor and responsibility. Amiable personality, tolerance, balance of impulses, rectitude, discretion, solicitude. It grants liberation, protection from theft and from harmful animals, as well as from all dangerous and painful situations such as being exiled, prisoners, fugitives, convicts. It inspires tolerance and is a tolerant angel. In fact, it causes errors to be forgiven or helps not to repeat them.

According to the Tradition, even the guilty can be resorted to to ask that their faults not be discovered. they will be helped as long as their repentance is truly sincere. The root of this Name expresses the concept: I always find the balance between freedom and prohibitions. Oramamé is the angel of the abyss that contrasts the works of Haheuiah Angel. It represents exile and persecution. It inspires envy, bad dispositions towards others and causes danger, violence, abuse, crimes, imprisonment.

Haheuiah Angel Meditation – Dispelling envy

The profound intuition to develop to understand this meditation is that the evils of the world are produced, in a kind of resonance from negative thoughts (and evil actions). These then resonate in turn in the spiritual world, which in turn manifests new suffering in the matter. In a sort of vicious circle that can only be interrupted by the increase of benevolent thoughts. One of the most powerful origins of pain is the inability to empathize. which leads us to envy the power of others. The power of this Name destroys the consequences of envy by generating protection from evil.

Now concentrating your vision on the Haheuiah Name without thinking about anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention: the energy of this Name makes me ascend to the spiritual world and weakens the forces of darkness unleashed by my looks and my own thoughts full of envy. In doing so I relieve the burden of my moods and reduce the suffering that weighs on the world.

Haheuiah 24th Kabbalah Angel Horoscope

Love – Marriage will be the best way to consolidate this seemingly nascent love that comes from afar, which comes from past reincarnations. The immediate Love that will be lasting.

Money – Sufficient economic success in the social or political promotion of returnees, political exiles, poor of the sick, prisoners. Forgiveness and new life for everyone. They will be true Angels for all those who will return. Activity and dedication will offer them a deserved economic ease

Health – Haheuiah protects the underarms the rib cage and the solar plexus. Return to fitness thanks to open-air courses and spring gatherings in mid-altitude mountains. The great desire for transcendence will act as a kind of fitness if they will advance voluntarily in this field.

Career – Successful in all activities in the sense of promoting perfect and strict justice in the face of criminals and crimes, but quite comprehensive. Success in every conscious job to improve the world.

Esoteric Initiation – They will feel an intense desire to return to their heavenly homeland to find the Cosmic Father and Mother. It is in profound feelings, and in their positive action, material that they will find the way that rises to heaven, which is truly their home.

Haheuiah Days

Birth Angel of those born in July 17 to 22. Other days of the presence of this Angel are:
April 13th
June 27th
September 10th
November 21th
January 31st
Every day from 7.40am to 8.00am

Water Element
Zodiac position from 26th to 30th of Cancer

Haheuiah Angel Prayer

Haheuiah Angel-King Protector,
take away bad intent and error from me,
Evil and danger. It blows inside me
the scent of your sacred essence,
which protects against any mishap,
and that leads gently,
towards a new earthly paradise,
where rivers of living water flow,
and where love is King!

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