Haiael 71st Angel of the Kabbalah Meditation Prayer

Haiael kabbalah angel 71st Meditation – prophecy and parallel universes. This meditation suggests what the prophecy is not to see a rigidly predetermined future … rigid predestination does not exist, because by acting on the present we can recreate the future in every moment. According to Kabbalah, this Name provides the most effective meditative tool for acting on one’s world and outward triggering virtuous circles.

 Haiael Meditation

Now concentrate your vision on the Name Haiaiel, without thinking of anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention: for the power of this Name I receive the gift of prophecy, with the elevation of my conscience I get power to enter a new universe of transformation and light.

 Haiael Qualities

The qualities developed by Haiael Guardian Angel are intelligence, courage, generosity, moral loftiness, discipline, active and energetic spirit; originality, multiplicity, and depth of thought. He gives total protection of property and natural persons, the possibility of brilliant careers in the military or steel industry. It gives favor in the transmission of ideas through the media.

Elaton is the Fallen Angel who contrasts the works of Haiael Kabbalah Angel. It represents professional failure. It inspires betrayal and spreads discord among individuals and between peoples, quarrels between brothers; causes crime, oppression, emotional suffering related to these events. Haiael urges the implementation of their creative impulses, with full confidence that the angelic energy will favorably support all the projects that deserve it.

Haiael Kabbalah Angel 71 is the guardian angel of people born between 11 and 15 March

, other days when this angel is present
June 1 – August 15 – October 27 – January 7 – March 19 – Every day from 11.20 pm to 11.40 pm
Water Element
Zodiacal position from the 21st to the 25th of Pisces

Haiael Angel 71st of the Kabbalah Horoscope

Love – Your heart is agitated and feels ready to rebel, Perhaps it is because you are indifferent to those who are waiting for your Love. Furthermore, if you cultivate a love that you should not cultivate, you give birth to a new love in the person who stands next to the previous one. We must stop this confusion and return to first love

Money – Advance towards an extraordinary situation. Despite the difficulties, you will have substantial benefits in activities considered sterile. Establish friendly relationships with people at your level; they can invest funds in your projects.

Health – This angel regulates the digestive system. Recovery of the soul form: meditating on the nature of all the changes around you, to predict the behavior to be kept and thus avoiding every very nervous harmful

Career – Your situation is full of possibilities. But the flaw in your internal organization is given by the fact that you don’t know how to take advantage of it properly. However, these possibilities are there, and your consciousness will soon be enlightened to make you choose the best path

Esoteric Initiation – You have to proceed to the purification of higher tendencies, the one that has to play the main role in the new era that is coming.

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