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Haiaiel Guardian Angel Born March 11 to 15

Haiaiel grants the person a penetrating lucidity that allows them to immediately distinguish without failing, the Good from Evil, the True from False. They will thus be free and intelligent people, active and committed, who set their lives towards goals of liberation from conditioning and slavery. People born under the angelic influence of this guardian are idealistic fighters who use spiritual weapons to propel the divine breath and modulate the future with it. According to Kabbalah, the Name Haiaiel gives foresight and even prophecy, understood as instruments for understanding and transforming evil.

Among the main functions of Haiaiel Guardian Angel is also the brotherhood. He has the task of turning friends into brothers: Friend is someone who thinks like us, Brother is a person who aspires to act in analogy to our actions. In fact, Haiaiel molds the matrix, the very model of the Fraternity in the heart of the Women and Men, even if in the course of time this idea / force will be betrayed or it will end up fading.

In fact, the Angel optimizes the energy he bestows, but it is always up to the Human Will to profit or ignore it. Mind you: if the man understands the right dose of energy necessary for his success, but the squandering in idle or perverse activities, the angelic energy, slides towards the Abyss. In this case, it will be up to the Angels of the Abyss to let them absorb the originally offered energy from the bottom upwards. In this sense, the work of Darkness also collaborates in the return to light, while establishing painful methods, because the understanding of the causes-effect that determines them in turn serves to rediscover the path.

This angel also dominates everything that has to do with armies and military professions, and therefore also with iron. The person under his influence will be capable of rigorous discipline and militia at the service of their ideas, counting on numerous follow-up. His mission will consist in freeing the thought worthy of being known. Finally, the protection of Heiaiel nullifies plots and machinations. Whoever is a victim of hostility and deception does not doubt that he will obtain protection against evil intentions and the dissolution of their consequences. Likewise, those born under this influence who allow themselves to be dominated by the adverse energy can yield to incorrect methods based on deception.

Haiaiel Prayer – Psalm 108:30 Confitebor Domino nimis in ore meo: et in medio multorum laudabo eum


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