Hamsa hand powerful symbol against the evil eye

Hamsa hand powerful symbol against the evil eye, it is in fact one of the most recognizable symbols of all time with religious and cultural significance in many parts of the world. It is a mysterious amulet, worn as a symbol of luck, health, happiness, and protection from evil. The Hamsa hand symbol has many variations but is generally represented by a hand with an eye in the center.

Hand of Hamsa origin of the name

Hamesh. The word Hamesh means 5 in Hebrew. Symbolizes the 5 books of the Torah. It also represents the name Heh which is one of the different names of God. Hence the name Hamsa hand.

Hand of Fatima. This name comes from Islamic beliefs and is named after Fatima, the daughter of the prophet.

Hand of Mirian. In Jewish culture, the Hamsa is a symbol of the hand of God. It is called the hand of Miriam from the name of the sister of Moses and Aaron.

The hand of Mother Mary. This name comes from the Christian tradition. It is named after Mary, the mother of Jesus.

The story of the Hamsa hand

This symbol is one of the oldest there is and dates back to 18,000 years ago, thus preceding the birth of all current religions. It is believed that the symbol first appeared in ancient Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq) and Carthage (present-day Tunisia).

It has an important significance for the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa. It is thought to have been created by the Phoenicians who used it as an amulet. Over time it has continued to be seen as protection from evil, particularly the evil eye, a primal fear that exists in almost all cultures.

Hamsa hand meaning

The main meanings, which we can find almost all over the world, are those of a protective symbol that brings luck, health, happiness, driving away negative feelings.

In many cultures there is a superstition that if a person with evil thoughts looks at you, his evil eye can cause negative events to happen to you. By wearing this symbol, according to beliefs, one is able to defend oneself from negative energies.

The two main styles with which this symbol is depicted are hand up and hand down.

If the hand is pointing upwards it is a sign against evil. It is representative of protection by rejecting external negativities and your negative thoughts such as envy, hatred and greed. In this case the fingers are drawn open, to provide greater protection.

If the hand is facing down, it represents abundance and goodness. It becomes a welcome sign that invites and welcomes many positive things into your life. In this representation the fingers are generally drawn close together, as a sign of an invitation to good luck.

Some hands may not contain it, but generally this symbol is drawn with an eye in the center of the palm. Most of the time the thumb and little finger are depicted identical.

The meaning in the different religions

This symbol is found in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. However, the meaning varies depending on the religion.


A distinction must be made according to whether we are talking about Sunni or Shiite Islam. For the Sunnis it represents the 5 pillars of Islam. For the Shiites it represents the five persons of the cloak.

Hinduism and Buddhism

According to Hindus and Buddhists, the hand of Hamsa the energy flow of the chakras in your body as well as the five senses and mudras. Each finger of the hand is representative of a chakra and an element.


This symbol, in the Christian religion, is called hand of Mary as the mother of Jesus. It is true that, in Christianity, symbols other than the cross are generally rejected, but due to the connection with Judaism this symbol is usually accepted. . In the Christian religion, the hand of Hamsa is recognized as a symbol of Mary exalted as a compassionate and loving mother.


In Judaism the number 5 has sacred connotations. This number is representative of one of the names of God and the five books of the Torah.

Wear the Hamsa hand symbol

As we have seen this symbol is full of meanings, some of which are strongly religious, others are universal. Many wear this symbol because of its universal meanings that are.

A representation of unity, since it is a common thread between all major religions.
It is a symbol of protection.
It is a symbol of femininity, as the hand represents various compassionate and strong female figures.
Given that the Hamsa hand has existed since before the advent of modern religions, we can also see it as a spiritual symbol.

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