Haniel Archangel power of love and beauty

Haniel administers the energy of desire, which generates our real interest in everything. The Love granted by this Archangel Prince instills the desire to incorporate everything into ourselves, that is, to possess everything and enjoy it. This is the love that springs from the knowledge of the material world, it is not yet global knowledge, but only the one that penetrates us through the senses.

And This then arouses complacency or repugnance for the known object, and thus opens the way to the discovery of the world. In its involutionary phase, this stimulates interest in the person who aims at the mere conquest of the material world. And from that moment she rushes with determination towards the implementation of the experience programmed by his Ego.

It is not yet a high desire, but this desire to possess the World also gives rise to the thirst for knowledge, therefore it is of fundamental importance for the evolution of the individual.

Haniel Archangel of Love and Desire

Then when he finds himself in the ebb of life that finally directs him towards spiritual reality, Haniel likewise spurs him to project him upwards, onto the peaks. This Archangel represents Love and desire for what is placed in the matter, but also for what is divine. He dispenses the energies that arouse and quench the thirst for knowledge. And his impulse allows you to use, in one or the other sense, the waters of the excess energy that comes from the celestial powers.

In this way, while starting from the still confused desire to want to possess and experience everything, he finally leads towards the understanding that the true and only Reality is Union. At the end of the journey, we will know that what appears separate and different is destined to unify, to reveal itself as Unity, to be One.

Haniel, Archangel of Becoming, of Beauty, of Health, of Longevity, urges you to ask for the gift of true Beauty which is given prevalence over everything, in order to be able to carry out your projects with full success.

Haniel Archangel Prince of the Principalities Angels. These are the protective entities of spiritual cults, they establish the bonds between creature and Creator. They are the so-called bridges between the immanence of matter and the transcendence of the Spirit.

Haniel Prayer

I ask you to break down all conscious and unconscious barriers, to clear my way of all the obstacles that delimit my openness in receiving what I am asking for.

At the same time, I ask you to eliminate all false beliefs and attachments that keep me away from the manifestation of the result. I ask you to amplify my intent and harmonize it in an optimal way.

I entrust to your wisdom all the disharmonies that are found in the various existential planes with the deep certainty in my heart that these will be transmuted and rebalanced. All the energies that surround me are harmonized in Unison.

Beloved Haniel I ask you with so much humility in my heart, to activate all the necessary and appropriate energies, in order to be able to concretize and make manifest what I have requested.

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