Haniel The Archangel of the Moon

Haniel The Archangel means – Glory of God or Grace of God. Her energy is similar to that of a moon goddess, on the one hand, ethereal and the other very nourishing. He was already known in the days of ancient Babylon, where he was associated with astronomy and religion.

He can help you develop your intuition, your clairvoyance, and all aspects related to feminine energy. His light is bluish-white, like the shining moon. The planet she is connected to is Venus.

You can invoke it during full moon nights to free yourself and purify yourself of old mental patterns and negativity. On new moon nights, Haniel the Archangel will help you manifest your wishes. Go out into the open, confide your wishes, thank him and have faith. Finally, on crescent nights, pray to Haniel the Archangel for your courage and confidence to be strengthened.

Practice kindness with Haniel the Archangel

In order to be kind and tolerant to others, we must learn to be kind to ourselves. Being kind to yourself means not condemning yourself if you make a mistake. Throughout the month of October, ask the archangel Haniel to help you make kindness a daily practice, towards yourself and others. You will be amazed at the many little things you will do for yourself and for others.

This splendid archangel can help you live in harmony with the cycles of the moon and use that energy to purify crystals, water, and essences. Of course, you can invoke this archangel not only on full moon nights but whenever you feel the need. Haniel is a compassionate healer full of love. Her energy can purify you both physically and spiritually.

Men, as well as women, can reap many benefits from contact with this archangel. In fact, men equally possess the feminine energy (just as women possess the masculine one), Haniel can help everyone uplift and follow their divine guidance.

Archangel Haniel helps all those who wish to develop their spiritual gifts. Anyone who wants to get in touch with him just has to invoke him and be ready to welcome him.

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