Harahel 59th Kabbalah Angel Meditation


Harahel 59th Angel’s qualities are intelligence, a sense of hierarchy, and respect for superiors. Kindness, lucidity in the face of money, pleasure in educating others. Harahel Angel urges us to realize the experience of wealth without losing sight. As a precious element in the cosmic gear.

Angel 59th Invites to invoke his energy to achieve material success and to respect the goods achieved. Not to squander the material and cultural heritages, not to waste oneself in useless pastimes.

Halan according to the texts. Is the name of the fallen angel who contrasts the actions of Harahel 59th Angel on earth. It is the enemy of culture and causes destructive or fatal events for wealth.

It causes useless and vain activity, rigidity, fires, bankruptcy, or squandering of assets. Prayer to Harahel 59th Angel or meditation defends those born in this period from falling into these risks and defects. Saving from mental sterility, intellectual aberration, ruin, and loss.

Harahel 59th Angel Meditation – Umbilical Cord

According to this meditation, every evil or damaging gesture. it determines an immediate withdrawal of the inner Light. Even if we can get any material advantage. But if the action is unfair to the world, we will get an inner malaise that will manifest itself as darkness.

The same thing happens if we let ourselves go to distrust, pessimism, victimhood that makes us prone to depression. The vibration of this Name restores the connection with the source of the light.

Now focus your vision on the name Harahel, without thinking about anything else breathe. Letting yourself be permeated deeply by its meaning. Pronounce this intention. I create an umbilical cord with divine energy. Ensuring the constant presence of a glimmer of light in my life. Which will always help me in times of darkness.

Harahel 59th Angel Guardian of people born between 11 and 15 January. Other days of his presence on earth are 19 May – 3 August – 15 October – 26 December – 7 March.
Every day it dominates from 07.20 pm to 07.40 pm

Earth element
Zodiacal domicile from the 21st to the 25th of Capricorn

Through invocation, it is possible to obtain fertility in sterile subjects, success in the stock exchange and banking activities, as well as in everything related to gold and precious items.

Harahel Invocation

Glorious Angel Harahel, creator of abundance,
how could I understand the world
without your light?

Help me with your essence to be more and more
myself, to act in unison
with the divine spark that is in me.

Help me realize the daily miracle
of a constant, permanent positive action,
in the world of material reality,
so difficult to govern!

Help me, Lord, to succeed in my life