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Harahel Guardian Angel Born January 11 to 15

Harahel dispenses the of intellectual wealth. It is the mental vitality that gives the determination to know the essence of things, of life and of beings, to acquire and conscience, without setting limits. It is a very active angelic energy, considered the most productive of all. The fruitfulness that he dispenses comes from the conjunction of the of Mercury and Jupiter, which he governs in his own Choir. Harahel gives the person the potential of an omnipotent intelligence and ease in intellectual diffusion; talent in mathematics and administration; good character, honesty and wisdom. Fire and explosion protection. Good recovery from diseases and longevity.

The protected individual who relies on Harahel Guardian Angel, will learn easily and can achieve in intellectual and material . He will always have a positive attitude and spread goodness, beauty and truth. Through invocation it is possible to obtain open-mindedness and courage, fruitfulness in sterile subjects (and consequent births of children), filial respect, in stock market and banking and in what concerns gold and the precious. naturally depends on the individual abilities of each one, but the prayer to gives the possibility to concretize the abilities, talents, desires and projects.

Whoever is born under this influence will be eager for , seeking to be educated in all the sciences. He will be beautiful, possessing enormous charisma and distinguished by virtue of his nobility of spirit, pleasant humor and courage. Your spirituality will be so rich, that it will transmit its teachings with patience and dedication, without aiming at profits. With this or , if you have a channel to externalize, you can practice cures, make mediumistic paintings and work with oracles. In old age, unexpectedly, you will earn money that will be used, in part, for the mission you are to fulfill in your earthly existence. You will have a good family relationship, living in harmony with your children. For his eagerness to live, he loves to explore the unknown. Great strategist of life, he will always be ready to regenerate the misfits of society. Your refinement will be wonderful and will harness the strength of the angel to be happy.

Psalm 112 A solis ortu usque ad occasum, laudabile nomen Domini


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