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Angelic influence of Hariel Angel, love, career, and money

Angelic influence of Hariel Angel, you will have to make sure that your language and your behavior are always an example to others. In this way, you will become clear as water and easily understandable. Consequently consistent, useful, and pleasant to the multitudes. Use these privileges to improve the world around you.

Love Angelic influence of Hariel

Through meditation and prayer, you can ask Hariel (guardian angel of people born from 1st to 5th June) to give incisiveness to our charm. To make the attraction that our partner feels for us lasting. He allows you to meet the person who will love us passionately and who has qualities of beauty, generosity, and kindness. Love will dwell in every life context of those who invoke it.

Money Angelic influence of Hariel

The angel promises gains in the manufacture of objects of scientific, artistic, and religious use. In art that is particularly influenced by the Angel, there will be winning ideas. Productions that find the approval of the taste of the public, expansion of the markets, and a request that often exceeds the possibilities of the offer, with a turnover of considerable interest.


The Angel allows you to succeed in works that have to do with the purification of things. With the fact ory or trade-in stain remover and cleaners for hygiene, in companies of cleaning and disinfection of animals. These people must keep the environments in which they live purified, even by little noticeable presences.


The Angel is under the direct orders of Archangel Raziel, the Great Healer. Only if we invoke him often during the day will we be able to heal from any disease and any physical ailment, especially those of clear psychosomatic origin. Clarified that we will have the problem that underlies our malaise, we will automatically be on the way to recovery. Hariel protects arms, joints, bronchi, lungs, and respiratory faculties.

Hariel Popular Prayer

  • Purify, Lord, my desires so that my mouth expresses only useful and pleasant words.
  • Give me Angel Hariel’s strength and courage to face my destiny and change the evil that I could do for good.
  • Infuse your light into me to reconcile the heart with reason.
  • That my truth is your truth, that my beliefs and actions never depart from the Law of ten words.
  • Make me an open door for atheists and idolaters to know and love you.

Hariel Psalm 15:5Et factus est Dominus mihi in refugium: et Deus meus in rupem refugii mei.

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