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Hariel Guardian Angel Born June 1 to 5

Hariel Guardian Angel gives the ability to be able to see clearly, obtained after making – transparent – themselves. Hariel acts from interiority by orienting people’s intellect towards works based on Love although free from sentimentality, logical and rational works capable of radiating comfort to the world. It makes the intelligence brilliant and lively, giving lucidity and thus favoring the logical path to moral and material success. To reach it one must avoid criticizing and ironizing, to make Love flow from itself through the Uranian candor that makes everything beautiful, a gift that can be obtained with the invocation to Hariel. When the Love will flow this Angel will lead the person towards the path most suited to his desires and talents: of science, art or spirituality (or towards all three at the same time). All that it will express will be exalting and full of warmth, testimony of purity and truth.

The protected people of Hariel Angel become defenders of the noblest causes, acting in the world in a personal context and also being active against injustice, illness, poverty, war, hunger. In fact the harmonious energy of the Archangel of the Cherubs Angels transmits them a particularly high wisdom. Reaching this wisdom, however, will not be automatic, but is part of the cultivation of a selfless love resulting from an internal, conscious and deliberate elaboration to which the program of this life is dedicated, in a non-painless process.

Hariel Angel of Clarity

Whoever is born under this influence has great purity of feeling, is simple, but refined to material and social values. Irresistibly perfect, he will tend to studies of the esoteric sciences, organizing associations, promoting conferences related to the subject, and working to institute legalization in esoteric or alternative activities. Exalted religion will have great enlightenment that happens in a conscious way, instituting rites and customs that may contribute to the expansion of spirituality. It will have power for magical invocations and will fight against materialism to improve human existence.

Determine on earth, extraordinary authority and analytical intelligence. Possessing a strong sense of justice will always find enlightenment to choose the path to follow. Realistic, you will always have your feet on the ground. You will have an easy time learning, creating and studying. You will always be in a good mood, showing that life is simple without hindering it. Your angel asks you to do things quickly without wasting time as he works on this dynamic. A year of yours compared to any other person is equivalent to five years lived.

Hariel Prayer Psalm 93:22 Et factus est Dominus mihi in refugium: et Deus meus in rupem refugii mei.


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