Haziel Meaning God of Mercy – Angel from 1 to 5 May

Haziel Meaning God of Mercy is the angel of good faith and reconciliation. He helps keep the peace, especially within the family. Haziel Angel of compassion and listening is also the one who tells us that life has no meaning and is worth nothing without the presence of others. This is why he favors truce during conflicts.

Virtue and Powers, Haziel Meaning

Love, Justice, Karma
Angelic Choir – Cherubs, guardians of the Light and the stars
Sephirot – Hochmah which means wisdom
Archangel Rector – Raziel
Article – Earth
Hierarchical color – Silver
Colors – Turquoise and Yellow
Stones – Amazonite, Aventurine, Green Garnet, Hematite, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Pyrite
Planets – Uranus

Haziel guardian angel of Taurus from 1 to 5 May

This angel symbolizes forgiveness and unconditional love. Those born under this influence are sincere, keep their promises and forgive easily if they are hurt. Through it you can hope to earn the friendship and affection of important people and the certainty that the promises made to you will be kept.

Why invoke the angel Haziel

Communicating with Haziel allows you to gain forgiveness, reconciliation, tolerance, friendship and love. This guardian angel encourages harmony and encourages tolerance. It is useful to all humanity by being the messenger of indulgence, reconciliation and peace.

You can also summon Haziel if you need his assistance to keep a promise you made or if you want a promise made to you to be kept.

Guardian Angel Haziel grants

The gift of tolerance
The ability to keep commitments
The ability to guard your child’s soul
Protection against hate
Support during romantic difficulties
The strength to be less possessive and jealous

How to communicate with your guardian angel Haziel

His regency days and times are March 29, June 11, August 26, November 6, and January 17 from 2:40 am to 3:00 am.

Haziel prayer

Oh, Haziel,
I praise you with all my heart,
your strength fills me with happiness,
permanently draws love and harmony towards me and pulls away from me,
evil and jealousy, anger and hate.
Thank you for the happy future I am getting through your grace.
You are my protector and I will act on your behalf.

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