Healing Angel for Unconditional Love


Healing Angel for the infinite love between male and female, these two energies are capable, through their union, of creating the highest energy in the Universe. Yet this planet still needs a real step forward to definitively overcome the conflict between male and female and consolidate this divine union.

The essential message that the angels want to give us is that both of these energies can manifest themselves in different ways, that is, with different vibrations, from the most perverse to the healthiest.

Healing Angel for infinite female love

The healthy feminine is loving, welcoming, creative, sensitive, intuitive, while the perverted feminine is manipulative, controlling, unreliable, lustful, creator of weeds and gossip and is represented by the figure of the witch.

Healing Angel for infinite male love

The healthy masculine is strong, determined, courageous, rational, naturally virile, generous, while the perverse masculine is manipulative, controlling, unreliable, violent and is represented by the violent warrior. When these two energies are in their healthy expression, the Angels represent them as the two parts of the infinity symbol.

Each expresses itself and flows naturally into the other, nourishing it, and this passage of energy takes place continuously and naturally from one to the other, creating a movement of infinite love.

Healing Angel is the essence of divine energy

Both male and female energy, in their healthy form, naturally recognize the other as its complement and love it. When this happens inside of us, our mental and emotional side support each other. This allows us to overcome difficulties and traumas, grow and thrive. Through this inner balance we are able to create a harmonious relationship also with the other, to love and be loved.

Healing Angel for Perverse Love

On the other hand, when the feminine and masculine energies manifest themselves in a perverse form, their vibration is low and they are both suspicious, resentful and closed in on themselves.

In this way when they connect with each other they fail to do so in an open and mutually recognizable way. As each of them is closed on itself like a ring, they unite in the shape of a chain. In this form neither of them is feeding the other, but instead they are imprisoning and limiting each other. So instead of a sense of purpose, infinite peace and joy, they experience a sense of lack and constriction.

While in the case of healthy masculine and feminine energies the union creates an infinite abundance, the perverted feminine and masculine are a source of suffering and frustration for each other. If our personal feminine or masculine energy is closed in on itself in this way, we will experience a sense of deficiency, imbalance and all other characteristics of that energy in its perverse form.

And as an inevitable consequence, we will be in the vibration of conflict, war, non-recognition, and non-harmony in the relationship with the other. For this to experience the true infinite love between male and female it is necessary as a first step to heal all perverse patterns, heal karmic memories and all resentments through total and unconditional forgiveness for the other and in this way harmonize our male energy and personal feminine.

Healing Angel for the desires of the heart

The Angels want to tell us that all the dreams that are in our heart have within them the potential for their own fulfillment. Dreams of the Heart are very different from the whims of the ego, because they are always aligned with the energy of True Love and always bring Blessings, for us and for everyone.

To make our dreams come true with Angelic Healing, the Angels guide us to tune our energy vibration on the frequency of Unconditional Love and Creative Potential who are able to dissolve any energy obstacle and give shape to dreams.

For this the Angels can be of great help, helping us to tune in to this energy of high vibration and opening the way for us, clearing it of energy obstacles, that is, from all kinds of false limits, distortions, and energetic manipulations. In this way, we can give shape to the Dreams of the Heart.