Hey Hey Ayin 12th Name of God Meaning

Hey Hey Ayin allows us to discover unconditional love by overcoming the needs of the inner self. Hey Hey Ayin is the beautiful name of those who have the task of being able to live this dimension of love that leads to feeling connected to everything and everyone. Which allows to overcome any type of conditioning. Since there is this universal spirit that feels itself operating within ourselves. Which is this totally unconditional bond of love, because it also goes beyond the possibility of mutual respect to others.

This bond cannot be matched by those people who are unable to enter into a relationship with all the people of the earth. Many people love in an interested way, only some love in a disinterested and altruistic way, but very few love in an unconditional way. Hey Hey Ayin gives this ability to discover this love in its different manifestations. On the other hand, if those who are tied to this Name do not move on that basis, they will be a person who will desperately seek love throughout their lives without ever finding it.

He will have a totally unbalanced life in this research. You will feel the need for a love relationship, tending to establish this relationship with everything and everyone. But he will do it in a selfish way, or even altruistic, but not unconditional, and his experience will always end badly. Because the love he seeks, which he is asked to establish and which is the only one that can satisfy him, is love

Then both the time of anguish and that of opportunity are inappropriate times for those who have put themselves to work according to the will of the Lord. There is nothing that can distress those who work for God, having renounced their own free will, because precisely this renunciation places the person in a state of particular grace. This does not mean being without problems, but simply feeling in any case loved, safe and protected by the High.

Likewise this person is not attracted by the opportunities of life, nor is he going to look for them, because he does not unleash actions and let life come to meet her. Therefore the person who works in the opposite way, that is, who lives following opportunities and anxieties, experiences the feeling that God has moved away, has hidden himself, (as stated in Psalm 9:22 ut quid Domine recessisti longe dispicis in oportunitatibus in tribulatione?) . In reality it is his life choices, based on the ego, that have done this. Exactly the opposite of what this Name allows to do, that is to be connected to everything and everyone.

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