Hey Yud Yud 71st Name of God

Hey Yud Yud Psalm 108: 30, to understand this Name one must first understand what the prophecies are, and what it means to be a prophet. And that means the existence of parallel s, a fact already proven to be true even at the level of astrophysics. The ability to be a prophet is not to see the . The prophet is the one who receives information, often visions, which sometimes fully understands the meaning and sometimes only partially. Those who foresee the on the basis of their own abilities, perhaps highly intuitive, are not prophets. The prophet is distinguished from the visionary, because the former lives life experiences that he can understand, and can transmit them regardless of where these experiences are located.

To give an example, Elijah was a great prophet, who had the ability to anticipate the coming of the Messiah, while John, with the Apocalypse, was not a prophet, although the whole book is based on visions of events. , which are now coming true after more than two thousand years. John is a visionary, in the noblest sense of the term, he is a person enlightened by the visions he receives from above, which are certainly true, but which John himself is not able to understand. While Elijah is a great prophet precisely because he fully understands every word of his announcement.

When he does this, Elijah, like any prophet, is not living in our space / time, but is traveling in parallel s. It came out of our space / time for a moment, the time to receive certain information, and then come back here again, to keep us company, but having received these things. Who is associated with this to the Name Hey Yud Yud has the power to enter a new of transformation and of Light, without losing contact with this world. Its mission will be to understand events that await us, to remove anxiety and fears of the , to instill the trust that comes from understanding and knowledge, to show how the reality of creation, and of God, is far wider than our imagination can make us believe.

Physicists do not place a numerical limit on parallel s, which can be a very high, almost infinite number. And every is made up of billions of billions of stars. And every star has its own solar system, with its planets. So surely we are not alone, and thanks to the principle of synchronicity, explained above, we are all connected to these innumerable realities. Who bears the Name Hey Yud Yud, is able to live this complexity, understanding it; it is his situation as a prophet that allows him to do this.

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