Hey Zayin Yud 9th Name of God in Kabbalah

Hey Zayin Yud allows you to feel the God of Mercy in everyday life, to overcome the vision of life linked to chance. Let us say immediately its negative aspect to better understand the power of this Name. If you put this force into action according to our ego, you become the classic fatalist person. The fatalists are not responding to their challenge, because they relate everything to the human and to the outside of themselves, so everything happens by chance. Even when they admit a higher entity, this is an unspeakable being that dominates everything and everyone, so the typical expression is … I can’t do anything about it … while reality is the opposite. The fatalist does what he wants and thus determines everything that happens. Both a vision and the other are either wrong.

There is no demonic being that causes all the things that happen, as it is also true that things do not happen by chance. Each person, but in particular who is influenced by the Name Hey Zayin Yud, has instead the ability to relate to the God of Mercy. To distinguish between these influences, to understand what is happening and why. This person manages to maintain the balance of the discernment of what happens on the basis of free will and how this is related to the influences that come from above in trying to help all of us to realize our lives. We are facing a central idea of ​​Kabbalah, which is one of the most contradictory points in the rational of our mind.

On the one hand we perceive that there is a project of God, not generic, but of detail, that even reaches the single atom. On the other hand there is our free will, therefore our ability to decide with respect to every situation, and consequently the possibility to change the story at any time. Two concepts that go into our heads colliding with each other. How can I be free to decide if the project has already been designed? Hey Zayin Yud is one of the Names of God that allows us to enter into the understanding of this mechanism.

On the one hand, there is God the Creator and all his instruments, such as the relationship with the angels that relate continuously with us, are the last terminals through which the will of God is realized. On the other hand we are still free to decide to do his will, or not. Everything is easily understandable if we face the paradox as a problem of space / time. We are inserted in a space-time and the Eternal Father no.

This is the fundamental diversity of the situation. For us there is a past, a present, a future, for the Eternal Father everything is present. We who are within this space-time system have our free will and can decide in total freedom, while for God, however, nothing changes, because our free decision has already been taken into account, because for Him everything is present. A difficult concept to understand, except for those who have well understood Einstein’s theory of relativity. It is not just a philosophical concept, it has now become a physical reality.

Hey Zayin Yud Psalm 24: 6 reminiscere miserationum tuarum Domine et misericordiarum tuarum quia a
saeculo sunt

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