Holy Angels Against the Dark Forces

Holy Angels Prayer for Protection from Dark Forces. Lord send all the Holy Angels and Archangels. Send the holy Archangel Michael, the holy Gabriel, the holy Raphael, so that they can be present and defend and protect this servant of yours. You who have shaped it, to whom you have given a soul and for which you have designed to shed your blood.

Protect him, enlighten him when he is awake, when he sleeps, make him so calm and safe from any diabolical manifestation. he no being who has evil power can ever enter him. Nor dare you offend or hurt his soul, his body, his spirit or terrify or tickle them with temptation.

Holy Angels Prayer to Your Guardian Angel

OH my guardian angel, the good Father has chosen you from eternity as a companion, guardian, protector of my person.

From my conception, you take care of me and while not ceasing to contemplate the face of God, you follow me, you guard me, you protect me. Today I (your name) before God One and Triune, in the presence of the Virgin Mary Mother of Jesus and my Mother and of all the angels and saints. I voluntarily consecrate myself to you by committing myself to listen to you and obey you.

With your help, I promise to always be faithful to the Father of Heaven, to Jesus Son of God and my Savior and Lord, to the Holy Spirit my comforter and my sanctifier. I also promise to be devoted to Mary my Mother and Queen and my model of life. I also promise to be your friend, docilely listening to your inspirations.

So that your defense from internal and external dangers is more effective and prevents my spiritual and also material evil. You support me in my commitment to good in all its forms and occasions and help me reject all kinds of evil. Supported by your fraternal action, may I avoid hell and reach the glory that has already been granted to you. Amen.

Holy Angels Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel

St. Michael the Archangel defend us in the battle against the snares and wickedness of the devil, be our help.

We ask supplication that the Lord command it.

And you prince of the celestial militia with the power that comes to you from God, cast Satan and other evil spirits back into hell, who roam the world to perdition souls.

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