Hope Angel lights the way along the path of existence

Hope Angel lights our way along the path of life. Hope is of paramount importance in every person’s life. It makes possible even the things that seem impossible. The Angel of Hope who aims to instill in all of us the light of hope. A light that illuminates our earthly existence.

Anyone who has seen this splendid celestial creature says that the angel of hope is much taller and more imposing than normal angels. He holds a torch similar to the Olympic flame, and is enveloped in a different glow from that of the other angels. Most likely because it represents a light within another light.

It is able to transmit the strength and energy necessary to not give up in the face of life’s difficulties. The angel of hope just like guardian angels and archangels is able to be in several places at the same time. And so it can help anyone who needs it. By instilling in them the necessary courage to face difficult situations. Guiding them step by step and illuminating their path.

Hope Angel always helps us

The angel of hope, as well as the archangels and guardian angels, is at our disposal in case of need to illuminate the path of our life. Indeed, he is aware that when hope shines in our hearts, we are more confident in life. We don’t have to go it alone on our earthly journey.

There is so much help at our disposal, as always we just have to ask. Let ourselves be enveloped by the light and love of the angels and trust in the fact that with their intervention everything will be easier and lighter to deal with.

Hope Prayer

Lord, give me the hope I need,
you make my heart burn inside, daily,
a torch of light that can guide me,
even when the shadows seem to have taken over.

Give me the hope that feeds my mind,
that does not make me fear,
that reminds me that you are always next to me.

Lord, be my hope,
giving me your presence in my heart,
your joy in my days,
your love in my smiles.

May your hope be the drink
that quenches my mouth. Thanks.


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