Hope in the Lord gain strength against evil prayer

in the – Being good and fighting for truth and justice is often a difficult task in our modern world. Sometimes the that opposes our good deeds can be overwhelming, and we do not feel we have the strength to fight it. The good news is that Jesus has already won, and he gives us the strength we need to be good forces in this world. Here is an excerpt from Psalm 27 that can be used as a to receive strength, asking God to fill us with the courage we need to fight forces in this world.

The is my light and my salvation;
who will I fear?
The is the bulwark of my life;
who will I be afraid of?

When the wicked, who are my adversaries and enemies,
they attacked me to devour me,
they themselves faltered and fell.

If an army camped against me,
my heart would not be afraid;
if the battle against me was infuriating,
even then I would be confident.

For he will hide me in his tent on a day of misfortune,
he will guard me in the most secret place of his home,
it will take me high above a rock.

And now my head rises above my enemies that surround me.
I will offer sacrifices with joy in his dwelling;
I will sing and sing to the .

O , teach me your way,
lead me on a straight path,
because of my enemies.

Do not give me at the mercy of my enemies;
because false witnesses have arisen against me,
breathing violence.

Ah, if I had not had faith to see the goodness of the
on the land of the living!

in the !
Be strong, your heart is refreshed;
yes, in the !

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