How to feel the presence of your angel

How to feel the presence of your angel and in general all the celestial creatures who are always with us and constantly watch over us. By paying a little attention, it is possible to perceive the presence of your angel or of several angels at the same time. The fundamental point, to feel the presence of the angels, is not to doubt your own feelings.

In fact, the way to communicate with your guardian angel consists precisely in trusting your intuition and inner guidance. Sensations and perceptions are the first and most important divination tools given to us by God.

How to feel the presence of your angel

Feel its distinctive scent
The smell of flowers or smoke, despite the fact that there are no flowers or fire nearby
Having the feeling of being touched by someone
Feeling someone stroking our hair when we are alone
Having the impression that someone pushes us, protects us, hugs us, or tucks us up
Feel the presence of someone sitting next to you

Notice a change in air pressure
Feeling a sense of tightness in the head or the sensation that someone is hammering on the forehead
Perceiving changes in air temperature
Experience sudden joy
Feel a tightening in the stomach

How to feel the presence of your angel is the feeling of security and love

Angels make us feel comfortable, even when they warn us of dangers. Deceptive encounters are recognized because they are frightening, confused, and generally originate from the ego. Angelic energy has the power to lift morale in an indescribable way, on the contrary, low-level encounters leave only a feeling of emptiness.

I sincerely hope that more and more people trust their feelings because by following those feelings it is possible to enter into communion with the angels and improve one’s life.

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