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Iahhel Guardian Angel Born January 26 to 30

Iahhel Guardian Angel helps to acquire wisdom, protects philosophers and all those who want to retreat to a contemplative life to follow contemplative and philosophical studies. But by governing the Venusian energies, and also dispensing Mercurian energies, Iahhel concedes reason and sensation at the same time, something that can be expressed in a practical intelligence placed at the service of Beauty, or capable of drawing fruit (joy or wealth, or both) from beauty, or from knowledge, working with education, with art, music, or with nature. Moreover it favors the satisfaction in solitude, but also the union, in fact it provokes the formation of associations and groups. Thanks to him, the subject will know how to find the logical way to establish them, the way to make the interests of multiple personalities coincide.

The influence exerted by Iah-hel will ensure that the experiences deriving from associations (including marriage) give tasty fruits, that is to say they lead to positive results. The person will pronounce speeches or write texts favorable to the union of all. He will have an intelligence that is particularly suitable for understanding people and events, and also capable of identifying what can lead to personal affirmation. The angel then dispenses intelligence, beauty and wealth. Gifts that can not be manifested in cases where Human Will refuses the stimuli offered. But if people put their action at the service of a positive project, they will be sure of success and will achieve a peaceful life in which they will be loved dearly.

Iahhel means the Supreme God

Whoever is born under this influence will love tranquility, nobility of character and solidity of attitudes. You will faithfully fulfill all of your duties and obligations to yourself, your family, and your community. He will practice several sports, being able to drop everything if he starts to get bored; will have the same attitude when this happens in relation to love. He is spiritually evolved and knows how to harness his energy, for his own growth and for the good of mankind. He thinks more about himself than about himself. Since childhood he has shown security in his actions and knows how to control his anxieties.

Born leader, accept the commanding invitations you receive for your strong improvisational ability and appreciation for challenges. Tactical, always seek an immediate victory; wins all battles. It will be strong to withstand all situations that are adverse to your emotional structure and you know that the only way to achieve your goals is to insist. Fight for a dignified, transparent and true image. The new people you meet on countless trips of leisure or work are considered experiences that always enrich your inner world, each day brighter with light. He is a great teacher, who gains victory by being what he is – simply love.

Iahhel Prayer – Psalm 119:159 de quoniam mandata tua dilexi, Domine; secundum misericordiam tuam vivifica me.


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