Ieiaeil Meaning, the Right Hand of God

instills the search for Truth, the person will have to spread it through and every form of creativity and human relationships. The people protected by this angel throne receive a spark, which from birth have the task of using it and making it fruitful in the human world. Show themselves, that’s what is expected of them. When they perceive it, they realize that life offers them opportunities in abundance, ways, and energies to creating masterpieces of various kinds.

The limits they must learn to overcome are only two, the temptation of the mirror and vertigo. In excess of self-analysis and narcissism, they can remain stuck for a long time, hypnotized by their image. Often, in fact, it is beautiful, and with the inexhaustible wealth of details that their eyes are able to grasp.

Ieiaeil Meaning in the Horoscope

Love – Lovers will be great friends, very useful to each other. However, Love will be much more important than friendship which is also useful and profitable, because each partner will open new horizons to the other.

Money – Economic success through the application of original ideas to daily life and advanced goddesses to bodily expression – new fashions, new sports, new ways of eating. They can earn a lot of money as a tailor or art maker.

Healing – Ieiaeil protects against any disease, but is primarily concerned with kidney and bladder health. It works particularly effectively through the of the springs. Pure water symbolizes, esoterically and also in dreams, pure love. Loving and being loved, for the people protected by this Angel, is a source of health.

poets or novelists of genius will flee all worldly work. However, they can succeed in teaching as teachers of geography, history, or neo-Latin languages. Extraordinary ability to move from the concrete to the abstract, to give valid answers to any question.

Esoteric initiation – They will witness a new World, which no one has ever seen before. Prophets, visionaries, will be understood far from their homeland. The will penetrate within them during a journey.

Ieiaeil is also known by the name Yeiayel or Ieiaiel. He is the Guardian Angel of people born from 7 to 11 July. Anyone can summon this Angelic Guardian with traditional prayer – Psalm 121 Verse 5

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