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Ieiazel Guardian Angel Born October 9 to 13

Ieiazel offers the gift of impulse to a beneficial reaction in those who are destroyed by events. Its action penetrates the Martian energy of its Archangel into the lunar energy, to free the prisoners who are in it. The energy of the Moon is in fact the reflection of other cosmic energies that are held there; at the same time, imbuing it with its own energies, these other sources occupy its space; they keep the Moon itself prisoner. But through the lunar energy of Ieiazel the Martian energies of the Choir of the Powers Angels burst in to free everything. The Traditional Text explains that this angel can free each of us from all that tyrannizes, harasses, oppresses, pursued, restless. As a lunar, he has power over all that is image and imagination: therefore about publishing, records, press, radio, television and cinema; and of course on water and the world of the unconscious.

Ieiazael imposes rectitude in the world of feelings, and consequently in the feelings that animate the person. The subject used by the individual for the formation of his sentimental ego will involve a restrictive element, which however will not prevent him from acting (in the sentimental field) in full and total freedom. Instinctively, the person will understand that he cannot do everything, that certain pleasures must be avoided, even if he does not know exactly why; the angel’s influence pushes one to dominate one’s emotions.

Ieiazel operatively influences everything that determines the production of emotions: the mother, the home, the domestic hearth, the specifically family environment. It is presumable that these emotional sources also bring a certain rigor, a certain austerity, to fully define the inner order of the individual (perhaps transgressed in a previous life). For a woman, the essential element will be the mother; for a man, the wife will have the capital role. Under the influence of Yeiazel Guardian Angel women become excellent pillars of family life, just as (if the opposite energy dominates) they will come from family relationships … the worst sorrows.

Ieiazel Prayer – Psalm 88:15 Ut quid, Domine, repellis orationem meam, abscondis faciem tuam a me?


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