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Imamiah Guardian Angel Born December 8 to 12

Imamiah has the power to harmonize the energies of Mars (which represents strength and work), with the energies of Venus (which represents love, sweetness, ease). If they come into harmony with him, he gives the person a strong temper and a spirit of forbearance in adversity; guide to find their own way to all those who in good faith seek the truth. Imamiah Angel grants the pleasure of what is primordial, the yearning for what is divine; the desire to beautify the physical and the invisible world. It also works primarily on physical forms, giving beauty or charm, as gifts to guarantee grace and success.

It gives the ability to draw on one’s liberation and effortlessly accomplish any kind of work, success in social life and in rescuing prisoners or people in difficult situations. Imamiah helps people who bring about harmony and beauty, capable of giving tangible testimonies of love to society. The energy due to this Angel also produces love and self-esteem, from which the faculty of being esteemed by others descends.

Anyone born under this influence will have a strong and strong temperament, enduring any adversity with benevolence, patience, and courage. Not afraid of work, but great inspiration to execute it. He knows how to handle any object and do works of great beauty. If you are a woman, you can be a great decorator, you can capture with your intuition the strengths in the home, using the knowledge of the magic symbols, different energies that will safeguard your home from negative influences. Respect people with morals, intelligence and feelings, as they know that these values ​​ennoble the soul and build a good existence on Earth.

He is always integrating himself into social or political affairs and inspires a lot of confidence in other people. It will have financial facilities and materials to be realized and projected, including internationally. By learning from the mistakes made, you will always be teaching people the right way to act – they are the expert at fixing the wrong ones. He never gets carried away by instinct, always thinking before he acts. Optimistic, expansive and cautious, you can rely on your good star and the protection of your Guardian Angel

Imamiah Prayer – Psalm 7:18 Confitebor Domino secundum iustitiam eius et psallam nomini Domini, Altissimi


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