Indifference, disconcerting and harmful attitude

manifests itself when one person treats another as if it did not exist, ignoring it or limiting the conversation to simple answers. Indifference causes strong . If we do not know what the other person thinks, if we cannot – read it – our mind will still make the effort to decipher it through the scarce information available. In the medium and long term, this attitude causes anxiety, the search for new responses, and stress, which results in mental tension.

Indifference Generates Confusion

It breaks an elementary mechanism of human consciousness, the process of action and reaction. Whenever we behave in a certain way, we expect the other person to act accordingly. If the reaction is not what you expect, understanding its total absence is even more difficult. Communication becomes impossible and the attempt to interact becomes forced and exhausting.

Indifference gives rise to low self-esteem

By not receiving any kind of response from this person, any indication we might draw from it is eliminated. During the stages of personality formation, this can seriously affect the image we have of ourselves. There is the possibility that that person who receives indifference will come to believe that it is not worth interacting with her, generating strong insecurity.

How to react if someone treats you with indifference

Even if no one is obliged to pay attention to you, we always aspire to establish a of constant with our loved ones – family, friends, and partners. If you receive indifference from someone important to you, try to let them know.

Try to explain the situation to him from an objective point of view, even by appealing to your feelings. It will be necessary to describe how his attitude makes you feel, asking him to think about it.

There will be people who simply cannot abandon this indifferent way of treating others. If it is someone you care very much about, you will have to make an effort to seek interaction. It is important that you do it gradually, otherwise, you run the risk of generating a rebound effect, increasing his indifference towards you. It is highly likely that such people underwent such treatment during their childhood or adolescence.

If the above has not brought you results and you feel that you are beginning to suffer the deleterious effects of indifference, the healthiest thing to do will be to get away from those people. If you feel that the harmful consequences are already taking place within you.

It becomes urgent to give up a close relationship with such people, looking for others for whom you are important. Approach groups in which you are listened to and your way of being is valued. a relationship of indifference will give you a new view of the world and enhance your development.

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