Inner Peace, let go of judgments and stop complaining

Inner Peace Nowadays it becomes more and more complex to be at peace with oneself, it is often like trying to find an oasis in the desert. To find inner peace we need to do work on ourselves thanks to which we will be able to abandon the feelings of guilt, let go of judgment, and stop complaining.

Accept what is

The first fundamental step is to learn to accept things for what they are. – If you can change something, why are you worried, if you can’t change something, why are you worried? It is one of those phrases that inspired me the most and that taught me to accept what is. So I learned to distinguish between the things I can change and those I can’t change.

A famous prayer of the Cherokee natives reads – Great spirit enables me to change what I can change and to accept what I cannot change. And give me the wisdom to understand the difference between them.

The Buddha also left us great teaching, everything is impermanent, it is part of the nature of things. The sooner we welcome this reality, the sooner we free ourselves. Accepting things for what they are meant freeing oneself from the slavery of the mind and impersonation with one’s ego.

Your inner peace does not depend on others

It is necessary to understand that inner peace, like happiness or joy, is qualities of the soul. It is a condition that depends on you, do not put your peace in relation to what you live in your reality. You may think that you are not at peace because there is something around you that bothers you, creates problems for you.

It is exactly the opposite, having no peace inside you, you don’t have it (and you don’t live it) even outside.
The mind says – When everything falls into place, I will find peace. The Spirit says – Find peace and everything will be fine. Notice it, are you more identified with your mind or with your soul?

The answers arrive

Don’t be upset because you don’t have all the answers. Be serene, the answers to questions always come, if they come from the heart. Do not disturb your peace with the hassles of the mind, have a deep trust and you will see that the answers will come.

Achieving inner peace does not derive from knowing everything, there is no need to have everything under control. The road to awareness is long and in the meantime, we can learn to walk it serenely, in peace with ourselves.

Accepting that life is an endless path to learning will bring you closer to experiencing true inner peace. Don’t be in a hurry, time is an illusion, live in the present moment.

Live in the present moment

Most of the time we live, we worry about something that belongs to the past or something that hasn’t happened yet. Living in the present moment, on the other hand, is a prerogative of those who are at peace with themselves and live in a conscious way.

Why worry about the past or the future? It is in the present moment that you sow the seeds of the future, so if you are worried about your future, you should stop and take care of your present.

Only in the present moment can you achieve true inner peace. In the now there are no problems, no worries. There is only silence, and it is within that silence that peace can be discovered. Learn to live in the here and now.

Gratitude and forgiveness

We have some amazing tools at our disposal for self-work, two of which are gratitude and forgiveness. These are high qualities that nourish us with good vibes. They represent the key to access a dimension of peace and bliss.

Through gratitude, we create the conditions to develop greater inner serenity and by forgiving (ourselves and others) we no longer allow anyone to destroy our peace. It is clear that it will be easier to be grateful for the happy experiences of our life, in fact, the difficult thing will be learning to thank and forgive our enemies or experiences of pain. Learning to forgive will allow us to feed our peace, not allowing external situations to ruin it.

Where do you put your attention?

As you may already know, energy follows your attention. Where you put your attention, energy flows there. What are you focusing on? Where do your thoughts lead you?

Learning to consciously direct attention is important to regain mastery of the mind. Pay attention internally, observing what happens and paying attention to the emotions that arise within you.

Do not allow what happens outside to shift your attention and waste energy. When you realize that a situation is pulling you away, make an effort of will and bring your attention back into yourself.

Do meditation

If you haven’t tried meditation yet, you are missing the opportunity to do a very important activity that can change your life. Meditating for twenty minutes a day can have a huge impact in all areas of your life and great benefits.

Meditation is a tool that everyone can use to find that fundamental contact with themselves. The easiest and most natural way to clear the way to inner peace.

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