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Intuitive intelligence how to develop ours

Before discovering how to enhance our intuitive intelligence, you may be wondering why we should do it and for what purpose. Well for this purpose, we must remember how traditional intelligence works, that is to say, through reflection and the most logical processions. Thanks to Howard Gardner, we know that there are many more types of intelligence and that all are equal and useful.

Intuitive intelligence allows us to bring out our conscience and our emotions to be able to make faster decisions, or at least, to allow us to dispose of that kind of more intimate information, to be able to contrast it with a more rational or convergent point of view.

Key points to develop intuitive intelligence

More than thinking it, intuition is felt. For this reason, it is necessary to know how to listen to our emotions, to understand what happens in our inner world, to find calm and balance. Daniel Goleman, for example, advises us that, once we have been able to control and understand our emotions, we will allow ourselves to think in a Zen way, which means to reach a state of deep calm, to be more receptive to our ego. interior, and consequently of the surrounding environment.

The messages that are usually sent to us by our intuition are sometimes very complex: sensations, forms, words … It is our job to interpret them. The more freedom we give to our minds, without prejudices or barriers, the intuition will emerge.

To conclude, intuitive intelligence can be exercised every day, but only if we allow ourselves to think more freely, and at the same time, to be more receptive to our emotions. Intuition is not something that belongs only to women, we all have those gusts of mental enlightenment, of those presentations that guide us towards a concrete option that in the end could turn out to be the right one. It is worth letting yourself be guided by this, by this very special language.

This post was published on February 22, 2019 8:36 pm


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