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Jabamiah Guardian Angel Born March 6 to 10

Jabamiah or Yabamiah dominates all the phenomena of the regeneration of nature and procreation, in the spiritual sphere favors the study of philosophy and the diffusion of profitable philosophical ideas. Collaborating in the power of the Archangel Gabriel, Jabamiah offers his energy to all those who wish to undertake a process of regeneration, supporting the rapprochement with God and the return to joy. This angel is the most powerful of the Keepers, as the energies of Venus support all those of the Right Column of the Tree of Life of the Sephiroth, that is, the whirlwinds of the Archangels and the Angels. From there Jabamiah projects them onto the material reality of people. According to the traditional text Yabamiah favors the success of anything concerning humans, animals, plants and minerals; it is even written, that (he can do everything, even raise the dead).

It is an energy particularly linked to the dead, as Angelo della Giustizia is the one responsible for guiding the first steps of the soul that reaches the afterlife. Jabamiah Guardian Angel spreads the seed of union among humans (which makes the union between man and woman or between partners at work particularly profitable), and restores to the person the price of his work; it stimulates good relations with others, which consequently becomes the bearer of singularly favorable opportunities. In particular for Jabamiah, a woman will receive income through her efforts, past merits and prayer. A man working at the service of a woman. But all the experiences will lead the person to gain also on the material level. If this does not happen, invoking the Angel is possible to solicit a credit, which from that moment will be granted.

Whoever is born under this influence will be rewarded for the power of the angelic world. You will always have a contagious idea of confidence and optimism, in all sectors of your life: sentimental, social and professional. A little reserved, sometimes introspective, realizes everything around him and when necessary comes into action immediately. His unshakeable strength of character and great supremacy will be maintained at any cost. Your image is integral and you never have anything to hide. Spiritualized, detached from everything that is not essential, manages to regenerate people, plants or animals. Search a lot to find your truth. He is a true liberal. You can be a connoisseur of cosmic organizations, always receiving information intuitively, continually improving each new reading, your third view. Your religion is the truth. He owns his destiny and has everything to accomplish.

Jabamiah Prayer – Genesis 1:1 In principo creavit Deus caelum et terram


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