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Jeliel 2nd Kabbalah Angel Meditation

Jeliel angel 2 spiritual powers are universal love, love for children, kindness, open and loyal sociability, loyalty, reliable and kind ways, a positive sense of hierarchy, respect, truth. Jeliel angel gives peace, joy of life, promptness of spirit and vivacity of thought, useful and concrete ideas, capacity for seduction, faculty of loving and being loved. It grants ascendancy over the powerful, obedience, aptitude for all things concerning order and justice, influence on the reproduction of all that exists in the animal kingdom. Aratak is the angel that contrasts Jeliel’s works, it represents indifference. It dominates everything that can harm animate beings, induces individuals to neglect their partners, causes division in couples by dragging them to fail in mutual loyalty. It causes excesses of pride, pettiness, narcissism, infidelity, selfishness, aridity, avarice; enduring celibacy and loneliness, licentiousness.

Jeliel Angel Meditation

According to the Kabbalah the vibration of Jeliel Angel allows us to find sparks of spiritual Light and revitalize our energies when we feel stuck and we perceive that our vitality is running out. Now concentrating your vision on the Jeliel Name, without thinking about anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention: by the power of this Name, fragments of Light are removed from the destructive entities that dwell in me. Their strength is interrupted and the divine energy returns to fill me. Life returns to shine with increasing intensity as, day after day, billions of sparks return to my soul, which is their true source.

Jeliel 2nd Kabbalah Angel Horoscope

Love – Love for flowers and for pets. Love for what is beautiful; for beautiful people who occupy a high position in society. Very nice spouse, whose charm and beauty will help them succeed. Avoid jealousy, despite the great magnetism of the spouse. Exaltation of Love. Happy marriage

Money – Economic success in all the activities related to the ceremonies, the pomp, the funeral home or to justice. Significant earnings through sincere service to the large state bodies.

Health – Jeliel Guardian Angel gives the person normal fertility and pregnancies, fast and simple parts, beautiful and full of Love children towards their parents. It also makes child adoptions easy and propitious

Career – Success in difficult, arduous, violent and dangerous jobs. However, dialectical ease within the framework of the Law. Success in the bar: convincing speech, even with incredible reasoning. Possibility of success as international relations experts.

Esoteric initiation – Discovery of the Universal Laws through the way of the heart, of Love. An exalted, holy Love, full of emotion, capable of understanding the mysteries of the Divine Work.

Jeliel Angel 2 is the Guardian Angel of those born between 26 and 30 March. Other days of his presence are:
March 22
June 4
August 18
October 30
January 10
Every day from 00.20 to 00.40

Fire Element
Zodiac position from 6th to 10th of Aries


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