Jesus I trust and I hope in you Money Prayer

Jesus I entrust everything in your hands, and for this I proclaim: Lord, I trust and I hope in You! Lord Jesus, I come to put you in your presence right now and to offer you my life with all that I carry in my heart: my anguishes, my sadness, my loneliness, and above all the concern I have for my financial condition. I want to ask you to pour out your blood on me and on the whole reality that surrounds my financial life, and on the way it affects my family, my work and the people I relate to.

I experienced moments of great affliction, because my financial life is completely disorganized. Today I have many debts and I really do not know what to do. I have accounts to pay, the rent delayed, I owe money to other people, and this is compromising my family and our family harmony. This is why I implore you: Jesus pour out your blood on all this, because if there were any kind of spiritual problem directly linked to my financial life, be eliminated with the power of Your Blood!

Your word says: Do not worry then saying
What will we eat?
What will we drink?
What will we wear?
Pagans are looking for all these things. Indeed, your heavenly Father knows that you need it. Instead seek first the kingdom of God and his justice, and all these things will be given to you in addition. So do not worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. His day suffices for each day (Matthew 6, 31-34)

For this reason, Jesus, if until today I have not lived according to your will, today I want to commit myself to live according to it. If until today I have looked for you only for what you could give me, today I look for you because I have understood that I need Your presence in everything. But I ask Lord Jesus, to free me from all the problems I have in my financial life, because I believe in Your Word and that You look at me and worry about the financial reality I am experiencing.

I invoke the power of your name Jesus, on all my family tree, on all my ancestors. If among my ancestors there have been discussions about financial matters, thefts or betrayals in our family, and cursing words have been cast, words uttered with hatred, anger or envy, eliminate all this in the power of your name, Jesus! None of this has more power over me or my financial life. If among my ancestors there have been situations of people attached to money, situations of murder due to money, ambition, family money spent on illicit things, make yourself now present in all this, Jesus, and that your name will take care of him free.

If my ancestors or I have spent money on wrong things or feeding situations of sin, today I ask for forgiveness, because I know that money spent badly can become a curse for us, and for that reason deliver us. Your redeeming Blood can be poured out on me and on my ancestors if we have looked for solutions in which You were not present: if we have sought help in enchantments, occultism, macumba, chiromancy, necromancy; in all this, Lord Jesus, I proclaim Your power and Your liberation.

If I sought financial help through witchcraft, if I looked for magicians, if I acted against other people, if my house was used for these purposes, my work, my study, RENUNCIATION to all this now, Jesus, for the power of Your Name! I renounce all this! I beg your pardon if I or my ancestors have looked for all these things, which I know you do not like today. I beg your pardon, Jesus, if I have doubted that you take care of me and my family. Forgive me if I offended you with bad words, if I blamed you for this financial difficulty, I forgive, Lord!

Forgive me if I cursed my financial life, saying that what I earn is a misery, that I go hungry, that my salary is bad, that it is useless. Forgive me if I cursed my job, my bosses, if I spoke badly, wishing them evil and pain! I also want to forgive those who were unfair to me, when he delayed my salary payments or paid me what was due to me. I forgive him now in Your Name, Jesus.

From today, Lord Jesus, may I reap the fruits of liberation from all the problems and debts in my financial life. Pour out your Holy Spirit upon me and help my natural abilities, because you find a way to pay off my debts, because I know that money does not fall from heaven. Strengthen my knowledge, give me wisdom, organization and the ability to administer these debts. I ask you to open the door to new employment opportunities, that the work and financial situations go forward by the strength of Your Name, Jesus.

May the Holy Spirit give me the tranquility and calm necessary at home, with my family, and do not allow desperation and impatience! I want to announce that from today I am a new person, that my financial life will be resolved soon and that you will try with heart fidelity! I put everything in Your hands, and for this I proclaim: Lord, I trust and I hope in You!


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