Jophiel Archangel of beauty and harmonious thoughts

Jophiel Archangel meaning – beauty of God – as the meaning of his name suggests, he is the angel of beauty, harmonious thoughts, and balance. Jophiel takes our balance very seriously and helps us find it in our thoughts, but also in the environment in which we work and live.

He reminds us that it is very important to get rid of all that is ugly and unwanted, starting precisely from negative thoughts and energies. In fact, if beauty is lacking in our thoughts, it will not even be present in our life.

If we turn to Jophiel Archangel, he will make our thoughts more beautiful and consequently, he will change the way we observe and face life. In fact, what Jophiel wants to teach us more than anything else is that the more we appreciate the beauty present in our life, the more we will attract it to us.

Jophiel Archangel can also help us improve our appearance

There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve physical fitness, health, or appearance. Summon the archangel Jophiel and he will be happy to help you in this. In particular, he will try to inspire you to smile, radiate joy, and have positive thoughts – all things that will make you more beautiful even outside.

Summon Jophiel Archangel for the following reasons

  • For all matters related to love
  • To improve self-esteem linked to external appearance
  • To find the right balance between work and private life
  • When you want to get to know someone you have recently met
  • To make order in your life both material and spiritual and eliminate unnecessary things
  • When you want to let go of old emotions and behaviors that are not functional to your growth
  • When you want to enter the flow of abundance
  • To make your life more beautiful and interesting
  • To always have beautiful thoughts
  • To help other people settle a dispute
  • When you want to be more diplomatic
  • When you want to bring out your inner beauty.

Jophiel Archangel Prayer

Archangel Jophiel, I entrust all concerns to you and ask you to instill God’s Love and Peace in my thoughts and heart. Please help me to see, feel and experience the Divine Light. Please help me let go and release this situation for my highest good.

Do not hesitate to ask for his intervention, because he will be happy to help you.

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