Jophiel Archangel Overwhelming beauty of God

Jophiel Archangel is the inspirer and protector of the sublime and divine initiatory arts and at the same time the inspirer of all manifestations that seek to replicate the Divine Beauty. Especially when it is considered as a spiritual path that opens the soul and being to God through pure, sublime, divine beauties.

Jophiel means the overwhelming beauty of God. Precisely for this reason, the archangel is continually the inspiration and protector of all brilliant artists, who stimulates in different ways to perceive the pure and sublime beauty of some aspects of God’s creation.

The archangel Jophiel tries, first of all, to reveal God to us in a profound and full way, through pure, archetypal, sublime, brilliant beauty. Consequently every time we try to savor and manifest as much beauty, both in our inner being and in our body. We can be inspired and helped in an extraordinary way, in unthinkable ways, by the archangel Jophiel, especially if we invoke him with faith.

At the same time, we must be aware that any sublime form of spontaneous creativity, through which we aspire to get closer and closer to a state of completion. We will feel that we are fully supported by his mysterious strength. If we carry out this invocation by asking firmly for help from the archangel Jophiel, we will then fully feel the ineffable but profound inspiration and support that he offers us instantly.

Jophiel the sublime and perfect beauty of God

The way that is accessible to those few ready for the revelation of divine beauties is in tangent concomitance with the way of the revelation of the Immortal Self. It helps us to accelerate spiritual transformation through the identifying contemplation of divine beauty. Contemplation against the backdrop of a state of the wonder of divine beauties is a modality that is always available to us. To enter and remain in a state of resonance, deeply identifying with the archangel Jophiel.

In some esoteric texts, the name Jophiel means – the sublime and perfect beauty of God. When the human being discovers this divine beauty, the appearance of a deep state of intuitive contemplation of the mysterious reality of God becomes extremely easy.

In the context of Judeo-Christian exotericism, it is said that the archangel Jophiel is the Angel who expelled Adam and Eve from Paradise. When the primordial human couple fell apart due to the temptation to know duality. That is, when he yielded to the temptation of the knowledge of good and evil, then falling into the ephemeral and relative limited sphere of the material world.

Jophiel is the one who guards the enigmatic door of the garden Eden. The secret door that brings human beings ready to discover divine life. Through it you can transcend both times, thus jumping into divine eternity, and with his help, go beyond duality.

Jophiel Prayer

I entrust all my worries and troubles to you so that you can intercede for their best and fastest ascent towards conversion into the light.
Jophiel, I entrust to you every unproductive, dry, or bad thought towards myself or towards those around me, so that you can transform it for the best for me and for those around me.
Jophiel, I entrust to you my emotions of fear and uncertainty, so that you can regenerate them in emotions of joy and security. (entrust to Him what you feel is limiting your expression of life).

Jophiel Archangel is also known by these names – Iophiel, Iofiel, Jofiel, Yofiel, Youfiel, and Zophiel

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