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Jophiel Archangel protector of the divine initiatory arts

Jophiel Archangel is the inspirer and protector of the sublime divine initiation art. At the same time he is the inspirer of all the manifestations that try to replicate divine beauty, especially when it is considered as a spiritual way that opens our soul and being towards God through pure beauty. Consequently every time we try to show how much more beauty, regardless of whether it is physical beauty, moral beauty, soul beauty, spiritual beauty – we can be inspired and helped in an extraordinary way, in unthinkable ways, by the archangel Jophiel. At the same time we must be aware that any sublime form of spontaneous, brilliant creativity, through which we aspire to get closer and closer to a state of completeness, we will feel that we are fully supported by its mysterious strength.

The way that is accessible to those few who are ready for the revelation of divine beauties is tangentially concomitant with the way of the revelation of the Immortal Self. It helps us to accelerate the spiritual transformation through the identifying contemplation of divine beauty. The profoundly transfiguring contemplation, against the backdrop of a state of wonder, of divine beauties, will remain a modality that is always available to us to enter and remain in a state of resonance, profoundly identifying with the archangel Jophiel.

In some esoteric texts, the name Jophiel is translated: the sublime and perfect beauty of God. When the human being discovers, inspired by the archangel, this divine beauty, for that human being the appearance of a deep state becomes extremely easy of intuitive contemplation of the mysterious reality of God. The archangel Jophiel is precisely for this reason the master of the sublime, divine initiatory arts. On the other hand, in the framework of Judaic Christian esotericism it is said that the archangel is the one that chased Adam and Eve from Eden, when the primordial human couple declined due to the temptation to learn duality, that is, when it yielded to the temptation of knowledge of good and evil, then falling into the limited, ephemeral and relative sphere of the material world.

Jophiel is the one who watches the enigmatic door of the garden of Eden, or in other words, the secret door that leads human beings ready to discover the divine life: through it we can transcend both time and jump in this way divine eternity, and, with his help, going beyond duality. The secret tradition of kabbalah notes that the archangel Jophiel is in an ineffable way in connection with the subtle force sphere of Jupiter, whose global influence is very strong, especially when the planet Jupiter is in the zodiac signs of Pisces or Sagittarius . The archangel Jophiel is mentioned in the apocryphal texts as the guardian angel of three sons of Noah, Ham, Iafet and Sem.

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