Kabbalah Angels

Kaballah Angels also called 72 names of God, originate from the Jewish Kabbalah. These names are derived from verses 19-20-21 of the Bible Exodus. There are three verses that everyone knows, or those in which Moses raises his hands, separates the waters and the Jewish people move from Egypt to go to Israel. In these three verses there is expressed the possibility of each of us to move from a life of inner separation to a life of greater unity and peace. These verses are combined and the 72 names of Kabbalah Angels are created corresponding to the 72 Guardian Angels. For the 72 names energy angles were associated and depending on the time of place and date of birth, these energies have an impact on the Earth so what happens is that each of us is born under the frequency of these energies that speak to us and they tell us our potential, our talents, our gifts and they offer us the possibility of understanding what we must work to then be able to transform and transcend it.