Kabbalah and the 72 Names of God

Kabbalah is an ancient tool to implement a great emotional and spiritual physical revolution on itself. The story of Moses and the passage through the Red Sea contains a powerful and mysterious code. It is handed down and told mainly in three verses of the Book of Exodus that each contain 72 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and is the basis of a real technology of the Soul. The right combination of the letters of the three verses leads to the 72 Names of God.

A sacred sequence made of energy pulsations and vibrations, able to transmit great power to anyone. These symbols transcend the religious, ethnic, geographical and linguistic sphere, and offer answers to the most urgent questions of life such as:

Awaken love,
Attract the right person,
Breaking the limits of the ego,
Contribute to world peace
Connect with the life force.

The Archangels are the Spirits of the People, one of their tasks is to protect the spirit of the nations to all the peoples of the Earth, regardless of ethnicity from religious worship and culture. corresponding to the Archangels and their divine attributes we recognize the angelic choirs assigned by God in this order:

1 Sephirot Keter-Will
Archangel Metatron
angelic choir Seraphim
planet: Neptune

2 Sephirot Chokhmah-Love
Arcangel Ratziel
angelic choir Cherubim
planet: Uranus

3 Sephirot Binah-Intelligence
Arcangel Binael, Tzaphkiel or Cassiel
angelic choir Thrones
planet: Saturn

4 Sephirot Ch├Ęsed-Grace
Arcangel Hesediel or Tzadkiel
angelic choir Dominations
planet: Jupiter

5 Sephirot Geburah-Justice
Archangel Camael or Chamuel
angelic choir Powers
planet: Mars

6 Sephirot Tipheret-Balance
Archangel Raphael
angelic choir Virtue
planet: Sun.

7 Sephirot Netzah-Beauty
Archangel Haniel
angelic choir Principalities
planet: Venus

8 Sephirot Hod-Truth
Archangel Michael
angelic choir Archangels
planet: Mercury

9 Sephirot Yesod-Foundation
Archangel Gabriel
angelic choir Angels
planet: Moon

10 Sephirot Malkuth-Kingdom
Archangel Sandalphon
In this sphere the Kingdom is positioned: the planet earth and the planet Earth ether: the 4 elements and the fifth essence

Kabbalah is a metaphysical system that explains the phases of the creation of the world and the purpose of human life, the relationship between man and divine creatures and creator deals with the dualistic sides of existence and highlights the union, both symbolic and properly physical, of man and woman, the union of two opposing aspects clearly visible in the tree of life, is the Concept (everything is one) going up the 10 sephiroth leads to a state of divinity.

The teachings of the Kabbalah are enclosed in the Sefer Yetzirah (the book of Formation) Sacred Jewish Text, is attributed by tradition to the patriarch Abraham but was presumably written in Babylon between the II and VI centuries. A.D. treats of the universe consisting of the sephiroth and the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.


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