Kaf Hey Tav 8th Name of God Meaning

Kaf Hey Tav will neutralize all negative forces, including stress and nervous tension if you rely on Heavenly Father. Using this Name well involves being put in the infamous conditions that can be imagined. Because we are destined to make the dirtiest jobs of life – in the sense that they generate high negative energies and high levels of stress. But despite this, we will be totally immune because the name Kaf Hey Tav is like a protective shell. It acts as a barrier to those situations when you are carrying out God’s will. This is why God is to be worshiped because He made us in His image and likeness.

Kaf Hey Tav does not indicate a role in life

You can be called to perform every type of role, to complete completely different missions. What will they have in common?
Which will all be high-risk missions, where there is a very high level of stress and very negative energy, which we would not be able to block by ourselves. But thanks to this Name it is possible to maintain contact with the Heavenly Father, who protects us and allows us to go on peacefully.

On the other hand, if you lose that contact if you follow our ego, you will be instinctively attracted by those situations, where there are high levels of negative energy. This attraction will lead us to go from one state of a nervous breakdown to another because our life will be all stress, day after day. We are going to hunt in a situation beyond our means. Furthermore, we will always say that it is the fault of chance, or of misfortune, or of others, who are against us or do not understand us.

By ourselves we do not get out of such a situation, the only way is that act of humility that makes us relate to the Father, entrusting him with the ability to protect us, but having renounced our ego. Then the automatic protection is triggered only after the death of the ego. This protection is therefore linked to our ability to worship the Father. Recognizing Him as the only force capable of working sincerely for our good, and through us, for the good of all.

Psalm 94: 6 calls for kneeling. This act that has spread from the Jewish world to Christian and Islamic religions, is seen in many parts of the Earth as an act of weakness, of human incapacity with respect to taking responsibility. Instead, the analysis of the Name Kaf Hey Tav makes us understand how kneeling is an act of adoration towards a God able to give us every good and give us the strength to remove all negative force and every stress.

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