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Keter is the first Sephirah – the Crown –

Keter is the first Sephirah – the Crown – and represents the number One. The number one has been defined as the first and main element of the numbers that remains stable and fixed, while the other numbers can be diminished with the subtraction so as to be deprived of any consistency. We can say that there is only one indivisible and absolute consciousness that penetrates and makes every point of the universe vibrate. But his first differentiation (by emanation or reflection) is purely spiritual and gives rise to a number of His Forces or powers that personify Higher Entities. The names of these higher forces or entities are especially important for the magical doctrine; knowing the name of an intelligence is equivalent to possessing the laws that regulate the forces that the name has in itself, or that it personifies.

If we want to study the Sephirah Keter, if we want to investigate the nature of this, we will study it intellectually and meditate on it, but we will try to come into psychic and spiritual contact with its influence. To consciously enter the Sephirah, we must first of all turn to the aspect of the divinity that governs that Sephirah. It is good to remember, at this point, that the Kabbalah is monotheistic, that is, the Powers that it classifies are always considered messengers of the Absolute and not as its peers. If, therefore, we do not appeal to the Preposed Divinity, the forces belonging to the sphere can get out of hand and cause difficulties (the forces are neutral, but according to the intent of those who use them, they can also cause damage).

Thus, beginning under the presidency of the Divine Name, no evil can intervene. The methods of evolution through the Tree of Life, at the beginning, can be of two forms: that of the mystical occultist and that of the practical occultist, the latter is based above all on rituals; but going up on the evolutionary scale the two methods will necessarily be unified because, otherwise, there could not be the necessary equilibrium that the sefirotic tree foresees, and before this unification takes place, first we will march more quickly. We will then begin by invoking the Holy Name of the Creator in charge of the Sephirah we are investigating, then the Name of the Archangel, the powerful spiritual being in which we personify the forces that build that level of evolution.

We ask the blessing of the Archangel and ask him to intercede with the Order of Angels assigned to that sphere so that they may be friends and help in the kingdom of nature in which they act. When we have done this, we will be perfectly attuned to the dominant note of the Sphere that interests us and ready to follow the ramifications of the correspondences of the Sephirah Keter and its related symbols. The formulation of the image and the vibration of the name brings the disciple into contact with the forces behind each sphere of the Tree of Life, and when he comes into contact in this way his awareness is illuminated, his nature is vitalized by the form thus contacted and he gets remarkable insights and illuminations.


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