Kindness improves mood and human relationships


The kindness we need as an antibiotic, to cure the disease at risk of contagion of a grudge that is spreading in our daily life. Between neighbors, as between people who share a road with different means of transport. Between citizens who can and must have different opinions. But this does not mean that they are forced to insult each other every day and to hate each other.

Between single men and single women who have lost their etiquette. Kindness is that light but very powerful force that makes all the difference in our relationships. Including the most intimate, in the family, among friends, with the people, we say we love.

Importance of kindness

At this moment we all, absolutely everyone, need to rediscover and cultivate kindness, which Marcus Aurelius, philosopher, and Roman emperor, defined as the joy of humanity. Yes, because if it is true that rudeness, insolence, arrogance in various forms and degrees of violence, poison life. What is certain is that kindness rounds it out, improves it, and makes it sweeter for everyone. Thus avoiding a great waste of social human relations.

Kindness seems only a gesture of etiquette, of good education, of people of the world, but this is an understatement. Kindness is an essential ingredient to keep people together, at any level, so as not to waste the wealth of human relationships we possess, to live better with ourselves and with others.

Have you ever really thought about the power of kindness?

How many things can change for the better, in our lives and in that those around us? It takes very little to fully reap a series of benefits, ranging from the quality of relationships to physical well-being. Benefits that we often waste only for wrong lifestyles, where kindness disappears.

Strong and rough manners complicate life as a couple in the long run and make it unsustainable. On the contrary, as the research of American psychologists, John Gottman also shows. The small daily gestures, inspired precisely by good manners, strengthen bonds, make tensions fade, make those who receive them happy. In a word, they convey love.