Knowledge Angels are above confusion and ignorance

Knowledge Angels are above the clouds of confusion and ignorance. They hold a crystal in their hands, a symbol of knowledge of the truth. They spread the light of knowledge with love and help us make the most inspired decisions. They bring in each of us the knowledge that guides us on our journey towards God. They help us find the right path, which is most suitable for us, and that brings us the greatest joy and happiness.

Knowledge angels teach us to listen to the voice of our heart, which directs us in making the best decisions in our lives. They always show us the best path, guiding us towards the most inspired choices that directly, positively influence our spiritual evolution. They also guide us with love in the most important moments of our lives to guide us firmly towards an authentic spiritual evolution.

Knowledge eliminates the pessimistic attitude towards life, an attitude that prevents us from living happily. It opens the way to a life full of satisfaction and happiness. Spiritual knowledge helps us to overcome the obstacles that appear on our path, because it gives us profound wisdom on these, raising us to a higher level of consciousness. When we simply listen to the voice of the heart or of our soul, we succeed in having a clear perspective on events, eliminating doubt and distrust, making decisions that will transform life into a higher way.

The fear of our limitations prevents us from acting in a divinely integrated manner, but the angels of knowledge help us to see what lies beyond these limits and to act accordingly. We pray these angels to help us hear and listen to our inner voice to be able to choose what is best for us and for our spiritual evolution. With the help of the angels of knowledge, we open our hearts to the wonderful treasures that our inner knowledge can offer us.

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