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Lauviah Guardian Angel Born May 11 to 15


Lauviah guardian angel symbol of victory and wisdom is the angel of victory. His name means God praised and exalted, which is why he contributes to the awakening of spirituality, but also the discovery of hidden talents. Once these talents are discovered, the angel authorizes us to act and gives us the courage and motivation to go beyond ourselves to achieve the success that everyone deserves.

Lauviah symbolizes and provides wisdom and helps achieve a deserved victory. Those who were born under the influence of this guardian angel are solid and very serious people. Philosophical or metaphysical questions interest them enormously. Intellectuals and scholars are influenced by Lauviah who also dominates fame and can, therefore, help us become famous thanks to our talents.

Lauviah Angel of Victory

Whoever is born under this protection, will be able to discover many things that he will use practically in the day-to-day. You will be famous for your actions, improving your personality with each new experience. You will have strong and lasting feelings for everyone to relate to, as you have an intense capacity to love.

You will be a successful person and have financial stability. Passionate about philosophy, he will easily understand the world of elementals. It will face great challenges, both in sentimental and professional life.

Getting in touch with Lauviah Guardian Angel allows you to develop your intuition or get faster healing. He is also a guardian angel who promotes love for life, offers you peace and serenity that will allow you to accept the personal tests lived.

Lauviah also offers generosity and compassion.
Successful actions
Expertise in an industry
Safety, positivity, and cheerfulness
The ability to avoid breakdowns or recover quickly afterward
Protection against bad energies

When to invoke the angel Lauviah
His days and regency hours are March 31, June 13, August 28, November 8 and January 19, from 3:20, am to 3:40 am

Lauviah Prayer

Allow, Lord, that the contents of my unconscious harmoniously integrate with my thoughts.
Make the dark situations of my past clear, so that no old torment obscures my current action.

Angel Lauviah, your light in the darkness of my emotions, so that I can transform myself into a positive work, the dark conglomerate of the past.
Inspire me Lauviah, so that all those who feel in affinity with me. Find in my work the breadcrumbs that will allow them to get out of the maze of emotions.

Make me, Lord, a bridge between Thought and Desire, in order to unite them and thus succeed in the great work of the world.

Traditional Prayer Psalm 17: 47

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  • Can you give them a Birth date in which they can help you if you are not born under their care

  • Was born on 13051992 but nothing seems to work for me as I go through a lot in to eat and where to sleep is a problem.....i need help.