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Lauviah Guardian Angel Born May 11 to 15

Lauviah manifests itself through attraction. It gives people who invoke it great wisdom, balance and diplomacy; strong ability to recover from difficulties; ease in making your talent known, success and luck in all kinds of activities, high economic and social levels, awards and celebrities. Indeed, to the riches of Jupiter, it unites the splendor of Uranus which accords notoriety. Lauviah is the bearer of radical transformations and brilliant, sublime inspirations. Unconsciously, the person linked to this Angel will produce cathartic effects around him. This means that only by virtue of his presence will it be possible to feel more pure, more loyal, happier, more enthusiastic. Through straight material actions, those which the best feelings harbor in themselves as in an incubator, all have the possibility to establish Divine Love in society and in the World. But those protected by Lauviah have the right to literally become his messengers.

Guardian Angel Lauviah is invoked against the frauds and to obtain the victory. It influences the great characters who marked the story and helps the man to obtain thanks for his natural talent. The help of this Angel will be provided through life experiences, protects against lightning and storms and ensures victory over all endeavors. Against fraud. Anyone born under this protection will be able to discover many things that they will use in a practical way in their day-to-day lives. He will be celebrated for his acts, improving his personality with each new experience lived. You will have for all with whom to relate, strong and lasting feelings, because you have an intense capacity to love. You will be a successful person and you will have financial stability. Passionate about philosophy, you will easily understand the world of elementals. You will face great challenges, both in your life and in your professional life.

Lauviah Prayer – Psalm 17:47 Vivit Dominus et benedictus Adiutor meus et exaltetur Deus salutis meae


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