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Laviah Guardian Angel Born June 11 to 15

Laviah powerfully expresses the Uranian energy in the crystallized framework formed by Saturn, and places the person in a context of activities marked by the highest elevation: he realizes the function of internalization of thought, opens a harmonious vision of the Cosmos and urges to make practical use of everything what works according to the Celestial Laws. Laviah is a very sweet angel and the person born under his influence has great affection and mildness of character. Moreover a strong artistic temperament and will love music, literature, philosophy and poetry. Laviah Angel helps overcome obstacles; grants trusted friends, keeps night’s rest, reveals revelations in dreams, gives ability to recover from illnesses, removes sadness and torments of the spirit. In fact he belongs to the group of 22 Celestial Powers for which there is neither incurable disease nor failure, which have the mission to restore what is wounded or sick in the world, to restore health and joy of life to human beings.

By entrusting oneself to one’s angel the person will be able to live in a state of constant exaltation and joy of life; he will also be able to possess Knowledge: but to express it he will have to activate the Angel through Prayer; otherwise his knowledge, remaining closed in his interiority will eventually vanish. Laviah is considered the angel of the white nights, the one that leads in the right direction.

Whoever is born under this influence has the ability to understand messages and symbolic revelations. The astral world is manifested through the unconscious, occurring visions, premonitions, or even images of higher worlds. His psychic faculties are manifested in small details, as in music, poetry, literature, and philosophy. His ransom on earth is very beautiful, for the nobility of character of his spirit radiates a very intense light. Inwardly he knows of his magic portion, able to get everything he wants, especially when the request is made to someone else. What you dream to accomplish, it becomes reality. It could be the mainstay of your family or great support in the workplace. Your material things will be achieved through much struggle or even suffering. You will have a pleasant, cordial and comforting reaction to those around you. You will understand the sadness, because you will know the internal mechanisms of the human being. You will like Kaballah, philosophy and you will be a cultured person. His guardian angel charges him lots of reading, of all kinds, from a newspaper to the specialized books.

Laviah Prayer – Psalm 8:2 Domine, Deus noster, quam admirabile est nomen tuum in universa terra quoniam elevata est magnificentia tua super caelos


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