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Lecabel Guardian Angel Born August 23 to 28

Lecabel Guardian Angel grants the person the talent to succeed and make a fortune. It also generates scientists (Mercury) who will have ingenious and useful ideas (Jupiter). This is his way of creating connections to communicate the rules of the Upper World to the Lower World. While Omael is a generator of Life, Lecabel is the energy that allows the understanding of its Laws, to induce humans to act in harmony with them, because only in this way can we really succeed. Which that people born under the influence of Lecabel can understand perfectly. This Angel attaches great importance to the formulation of the thought that the individual then directs towards a specific, concrete goal.

He grants amiability, ease of speech and writing, a logical connection between thought and the social space in which this thought must be exteriorized. Thanks to these qualities, the person can have easy access to the media and therefore affirmation in the journalistic and editorial fields, in all fields of communication and relationship. Lecabel also protects the plant kingdom and its patronage also extends to agriculture. Finally it is considered the angel of watchmakers.

Lecabel – God who inspires

Whoever is born under this influence is endowed with great courage to face the most difficult obstacles; but he must be careful with power, for the abuse of dominion is as injurious as brute force. You will have natural protection and your fortune will come from your talent. Your higher self programs in your inner self, a magnificent gift for studying and applying your knowledge in nature, for the well being of the community. You will appreciate the ancient books of history and archeology. You will have great curiosity in knowing what would have happened in other incarnations, to answer the doubts of your soul and to understand its existence.

Their motto is body are in sound mind and to achieve this balance, you can make diets without eating red meat or chemical compounds and playing sports such as aerobics, bodybuilding and cycling. He will love nature and animals and will zealously guard his preservation – his house will be like a true zoo. It will tend to have a double life, driving at the same time its computerized urban world and its farm in direct contact with nature. Its main characteristics will be stability and great inner wealth, always loving truth and order.

Lecabel Prayer – Psalm 70:16 Veniam ad potentias Domini; Domine, memorabor iustitiae tuae solius


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