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Lehahiah Guardian Angel Born September 8 to 12

Lehahiah grants his gifts and powers to the individual so that he can make them available to some valuable or historically important person, to assist her with devotion, respect, seriousness, loyalty and discipline, and be generously repaid in return. In everyday life this prerogative translates into the tendency to enjoy full trust on the part of the superiors, who in the professional sphere will grant them every kind of work-related reward. Lehahiah loves those who work hard and grants complete security in continuity of employment. People will have to stay in close contact with their leaders, since the rise of superiors will also involve theirs; and with the help of the Angel they will be able to reach enviable positions.

Lehahiah admirably structures material life and, if invoked, gives a strong acceleration to all our actions. His energy propitiates the affirmation of the great industrialist, of the man who sculpts his own work with all the force of ambition, everything in the life of the people he protects, will have a military nuance. This Angel gives definitive form to the project that the person ardently defends, possibly with noble and elevated address. It protects kings and princes, ensuring solidity to the kingdom and inducing the subjects to the loyalty one feels towards those whose charisma is recognized.

Whoever is born under this influence will be celebrated for his talents and actions. Peacemaker inspired, good person, will have the sympathy of everyone, because he loves solving problems, always advising and supporting. Your aura of confidence will attract the influential people who will invite you to work. You will be a good worker, yielding more in command positions. Your attitudes will be firm, with high moral principles, kindness and hospitality, but you may suffer disappointment when people do not meet your expectations. He must always delve deeper into all matters of interest to him, otherwise he runs the risk of accommodating himself or always having superficial knowledge about everything.

Deeply emotional, he transfers to his children the love received from his parents. He may be a patron of the arts, especially music, because despite his musical talent, he will hardly be a practitioner. He will have paranormal gifts stored in the unconscious, which can be released in the practice of telepathy and clairvoyance. Perfect cleansing will be one of your concerns as you know that negative miasma gets impregnated with dirt or broken objects. For life to pass without great obstacles, everything must be in order, nothing in decay.

Lehahiah Prayer – Psalm 130:3


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