Lelahel 6th Kabbalah Angel Prayer Meditation

Lelahel 6th Kabbalah Angel urges to treasure the precious gifts that he bestows to transfer vitality, grandeur, and beauty to the world. Without losing equanimity and compassion, free from any complacency towards one’s power. The hieroglyph of the Name Lelahel (lamed-lamed-hey) conceals the concept – my life energy grows and exceeds.

In fact, according to ancient texts, people protected by this guardian angel grow, and certainly make others grow – this is their earthly task. They are like a flame (lehav) that seeks food everywhere and where it finds it flares up and grows larger. Only in this way can these people truly be themselves, and bring this breath of omnivorous will into the world.

The qualities developed by Lelahel are ambition and talent, spiritual enlightenment, lucidity, and intuitive understanding of everything. Creativity, loyalty to ideals, ability to pacify the contenders, and desire to heal others. The angel gives love and grants to his protégés rapid healing from diseases but also the gift of propitiating healing or understanding normally difficult subjects.

The angel opposed to Lelahel’s works represents fatigue and illness. It causes excessive ambition and presumption. It inspires the temptation to perform illegal acts to excel on others or get rich. It makes you lose your sense of measure and empathy.

Lelahel 6th Kabbalah Angel Meditation

According to Kabbalah, the reality we live in is only one of many possible dimensions. The other dimensions can be accessed in various ways, one of which is to go through the dream. When we fall asleep the grip of materiality loosens, letting our soul ascend to the spiritual world where it receives nourishment, strength, and inspiration.

These nocturnal experiences take place in a dimension that transcends time and space, in which past present and future are present together. We, therefore, embrace the whole vastness of life, in its material and spiritual complexity. Here we catch visions that are transmitted to consciousness through the form of dreams. These influences, then operating at the subconscious level, have an impact on the decisions we make in everyday life.

But truthful visions are mixed with elements of pure reverie, people of strong spirituality receive mainly truthful dreams while self-centeredness deforms them and returns false images. The more sincere the dreams the wiser our choices and vice versa, over time we can learn to interpret the visions we receive and to draw the best inspiration from them.

Now focus your vision on the Name Lelahel, without thinking about anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention: by the power of this Name I receive true dreams. During the night my soul ascends to safe and full of love places, every morning I wake up refreshed, reinvigorated, renewed in body and spirit, and wiser.

Lelahel 6th Kabbalah Angel is the guardian angel of people born from April 15th to 20th. Other days of the 6th Angel are January 14 – March 26 – June 8 – August 22 – November 3. Every day from 1.40 am. to 2.00 am. Lelahel – Guardian Angel Prayer – Psalm 9 verse 12.

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