Lelahel Guardian Angel Born April 15 to 20

Lelahel angel reveals to the person the most fruitful way to use their resources, but at the same time makes them aware of the existence of these resources and the way to access them. Thus it empowers you to capitalize on great opportunities.

People born in these days of Lelahel Angel grow up, and they certainly make others grow, this is their job. They extend, they take, they surpass, they desire and they still take, always. They have no precise direction, since conquest for them is an insatiable necessity, with no other purpose than conquest.

The Lelahel guardian angel protected people are like a flame that searches everywhere, and where it finds at least it flares up and grows larger. Only in this way can they truly be themselves, and bring this wave of omnivorous will into the world. They waste no time wondering why let alone whether it is right or wrong. Would not find an answer. And would only hinder that impetuous force of nature that seeks expression in them, happy to always produce new needs.

If they are not frightened of their own capacity. They can become very useful, perfect examples of optimism, courage, and self-confidence. Their most congenial fields of action are those of Yod Energy. If they devote themselves to medicine, they communicate to their patients an extraordinary charge.

If, on the other hand, they prefer the stage, they inevitably become stars. And, even more, pullers of crowds mesmerized by their impetus.

Lelahel Angel Qualities

But this will not be enough for them as they are hyperactive. They must absolutely find application to a real crowd of excellent qualities. The desire for knowledge, the organizational, strategic, financial ability. The cunning, the taste for the challenge, the concreteness, the intellectual clarity. And the glance, which in them is added to a brilliant ability to always think in great. To intuit almost magically the passions of their era, and to use them to their advantage.

Therefore, there must be three, four, five parallel activities (and be successful in all of them). Or a multifaceted profession, such as that of the politician, the scientist, the inventor. They have to conquer heights. No matter if in hierarchies or in nature. As long as people see and admire them (how could they possibly bear not to be noticed?)

Of course, they feel like heroes – exclusively in the sense of acclaimed heroes – and take themselves tremendously seriously. They can be ironic about everything, but not about themselves; they can relativize anything, but not their right (which for them is a duty) to impose themselves on general attention.

It easily happens that they seem insensitive to the needs of those who live next to them. But they have no choice. They must follow the impulses of their much more demanding anxious destiny. And they cannot stop either to give explanations, let alone to ask for permits.

Angel of Light

Their family and friends can only adore them and their partners will. Only be able to keep them tied to themselves by encouraging them. To aim higher and higher in their work, and in the meantime. Constantly renewing themselves. Always showing new aspects of their character, growing together with them.

On the other hand. Those who have known them know that it is enough to ignore them a little to make them sad. And that an innocent mockery is enough to make them furious.

Forcing them to limit their vitality would make them suffer too much. It would trigger tragic depressive crises. They would get sick or by reversing the effect of their Yod Energy, they would make you sick. The game is easier for those who decide to exploit them.

Lelahel Meaning – Praiseworthy God

Seraphim Angelic Hierarchy
Metatron Archangel Prince
Fire element
Aries zodiacal domicile

In order to be protagonists, in fact, these people are willing to do anything. Even to obey and even to enslave themselves to those who offer them the possibility of action. It is not freedom they aspire to, but success; they are not revolutionaries, they seek not so much the new, but rather the useful.

They can therefore be perfectly at ease in a conservative environment. In an authoritarian regime or in a patriarchal company. As long as those around them respect and trust them. If they feel properly used. There is not even the risk that their passion for the peaks. Will suddenly push them to take the place of those who command them.

Deep in their hearts, they may wish it, yes, but all in all they would rather be praised as deputy. They sense that once they get to the top they would get bored. Having no other goals to aim for and that having too much power they would struggle to control themselves.

Lelahel Prayer – Psalm 9:12 Psallite Domino, qui habitat in Sion; annuntiate inter gentes studia eius 

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